The Bachelor's Cobie Frost reveals “Matty treated me like a dog!”

The sweetest girl in the Bachie mansion was devastated when she was sent home.

By NW team
After waiting six weeks for a second single date on The Bachelor Australia 2017, it was Cobie Frost’s turn to rekindle her spark with Matty Johnson.
But no sparks were seen as the Bachie sent her packing on her date, with Cobie spilling to NW that she felt “stitched up on the date”.
But there could be a reason for that, with the miner, 30, revealing that behind the scenes Matty was having a hard time dealing with all the girls’ drama. “He changed... he wasn’t the same guy we met on the first night,” she says.
They never managed to re-capture the spark from their first date!

On Matty ditching her

It’s really funny because the girls were teaching me how to flirt before the date, so when we were together finally, I was like, 'Alright, I got this. Make sure you make eye contact.'
Then I was like, 'How do I do this without being creepy?'
I’m putting my hands on his legs, and I’m like cool it’s going really well, then he looks at me with those eyes and I’m like, 'Oh s---!'
He’s like, 'So Cobie, you’ve got all these great qualities, you know? You are really nice and lovely, you always have a good time but it’s just not there.'
I didn’t see it coming – I thought I had at least one more rose ceremony left in me. I think I’d rather he tell me at the beginning of the date, so we could have a good day and have fun!
I am joyful for what it was, but I feel like I was a little bit naïve and it was just a bit brutal. I worked so hard to get his attention, but I thought, I shouldn’t have to try this hard. I felt like a dog at the RSPCA, you know, you see all these puppies and you want to take them home, but you can’t because he’s already got puppies...

On how Matty didn’t want to connect with her…

I feel like I got stitched up!
The date he took me on was more of a mate date.
I got to go horse riding for my first date, which is really cool, but it’s just really hard to connect and talk...
Then for my second date, which I waited six weeks for, was a tight rope date. So, once again, he would be finishing the obstacle without me and that’s when I figured out that it was not going to go really well.
I’m still grateful because I still got to hang out with him, but I was pretty devastated I didn’t get to say bye to the girls!

On getting a "sympathy rose" last week

I don’t think he gave me the rose at the cocktail party because I opened up about my relationship fears on the group date, I think he gave me the rose because he could see I was trying and not getting anywhere.
I think it was just like, 'You’re really good company, you want to have good experiences with people that make you happy and let you have a good time. [You’re] not stirring any trouble with anyone and not doing any harm by being there so…'

On Matty’s meltdown

Matty is great, he is such a good guy and I felt sorry for him the whole time because there was so much drama.
This is Matty’s journey, why is this happening? Why can’t everyone get along? I really felt for him because everything’s on him and his integrity is being challenged.
And I was just like 'Oh my God!' Even if you watch the show, you can notice the beginning of it he’s pretty light-hearted and having a great time, then all this drama comes and you can kind of see a strip in his mannerism...
You can tell that it’s affecting him as well, so I felt bad for him! It’s supposed to be him finding love and now it’s an out-of-control journey for him.

On getting over him…

I think it wasn’t that I had to get over Matty, it was just the experience I had to move on from.
I think the drama in the house took more of a toll of me than the relationship with Matty.
The only thing I was upset about was not saying goodbye! I was upset. I cried a lot and it was really overwhelming, but also a relief of stress to be sent home.
I think it was more of a weight lifted off my shoulders that this part of the journey is over and I can start healing again.

On how The Bachelor broke her…

I had a lot of anxiety. I was really stressed out in the house and I think at that moment I was let go, I might’ve realised that I’ve taken so many steps backwards.
You know, staying in the house for as long as I had, knowing nothing was going to happen...
I was more disappointed in myself that I let go of all my values and my belief in myself, thinking that I didn’t deserve better. Where usually if something like this situation happened to me, I would leave. But in this instance, I just stuck around and I kind of wonder why I did?

On Matty’s favourites

I always knew like that the girls in the top four would always be the top four. But I just had to stay positive and just keep smiling!
Pretty much after my single date, I think I realised [who Matty liked]. You can see who gets more time than what you get.
My chats at the cocktail party were really short and I feel like I was fighting for some time and I never really got it. Everyone was [crazy about] Matty, especially the top four and that’s why they deserve to be there and they’re there for the right reasons.

On who will win…

Maybe Tara or Elise but I’m like I hope he doesn’t pick [Tara] because I want her all to myself [laughs].

On being single…

Yeah I’m still single, I’m working in mining so I think I’m going to be single for a while.

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