The Bachelor's Laura can't wait to start a family of her own

'Matty and I talked about having kids!'

By Kietley Isrin
Forget anything you’ve heard or thought about The Bachelor Australia fan favourite Laura Byrne not wanting to have kids.
The 30-year-old accessories designer loves the idea of raising a family – but she’s not willing to settle down with just anyone to make 
her dream a reality.
“I want to have 
kids one day, which is a conversation Matty [Johnson] and I have had,” Laura reveals 
“My parents split 
up when I was three. I’m close with them both. But Mum raised us. It was hard.”
After seeing her mum struggle, Laura’s prepared 
to wait for the right man.
“Mum was an absolute wonder woman for doing it, but I want to be in a team when I have kids,” she says.
Fan favourite Laura looks pretty happy with Bachelor Matty.
Laura adds her mum had 
it tough “having three kids 
and doing it all on her own”.
“I really want to be in an awesome relationship, and have that be the basis of having a family,” she explains.
“I don’t want to settle 
just because I feel like my biological clock is ticking.”

Thankfully, her parents’ divorce hasn’t deterred Laura from trying to find true love.
“I’ll weigh it up. ‘Is this someone I can grow old with?’” she explains.
“I’m not someone who wants a relationship because it’s fun for right now. I’d rather be on my own than in something OK or lacklustre.”

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