The moment that Matty Johnson broke the rules on The Bachelor Australia

“I could tell things weren't right.”

By Kietley Isrin
They’re meant to vie for his attention.
But tensions reached a new peak when Bachelor Matty Johnson stopped the rose ceremony on last night's episode of The Bachelor Australia to make an unexpected announcement.
His decision came after one of the girls doubted his intentions.
“I don’t like him. I’m better than him – I’m better than this. I’m leaving,” Sian said to the producers before deciding 
to remain in the mansion.
But during the rose ceremony, Matty, 30, took matters into his own hands.
“I’ve got to ask myself, ‘Am I sure 
I want to keep her here?’” he says.
While his decision may come as a surprise, Matty 
says he’s not here to play games.
That’s evident when 
he talks to TV WEEK about the women chosen to compete for his affections.
“There were some big personalities, and that’s 
not what I’d normally go for,” he reveals.
“A big turn-off for me is people who are nasty or mean and aren’t considerate.”
Sian's outburst on last night's episode was unexpected.
And the girls’ diva-like behaviour didn’t go unnoticed.
“Initially, everyone got along well, but over time I could tell things weren’t right,” he says.
“I’d have one conversation and go back to the group, and you could tell something had just gone down.”
Matty doesn't have time for nastiness.
Despite Matty’s efforts to play peacekeeper, the girls continued to keep up their antics.
“The annoying thing was people didn’t want to throw other people under the bus,” he explains.
“At times, I wanted 
to be like, ‘Hey, let’s resolve this,’ but no-one wanted to give any information about what had just happened.”

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