“I didn’t burn anything or sleep with Matty J!” The Bachelor’s Elora Murger sets the record straight

Like a blaze of fire, she twirled into Matty J’s heart but tonight the flame was well and truly extinguished for Elora Murger.

By Bella Brennan
The Bachelor Australia journey has come crashing down for our favourite fire twirler Elora Murger.
And in an exclusive exit chat with Now To Love, the heartbroken beauty reveals she feels betrayed by Matty J after she poured her heart out to him, only for him to turn around and choose Elise Stacy for the single date.
But Elora says it's the "inaccurate" reports about her apparently burning Bachelor memorabilia after Matty J sent her home that hurt the most.
Here, the 27-year-old finally has her say on what went wrong, that rumoured sleepover and why she'd love to be The Bachelorette...
The couple in happier times.
We bet it’s been a big day for you, how are you feeling?
I’m sitting in Bondi looking at the beautiful ocean view, everything will be alright.
There’s been a pretty detailed report today about an apparent meltdown you had after Matty J sent you home, which claimed you burnt roses, date cards and selfies with him? What’s your response to that?
I would have no problem showing the date cards and the pictures that I still have, that I did not burn.
Why would I want to burn any memory? It’s part of me, there’s no vengeance or bad feelings about anything that happened – I’m a stronger person!
I would never burn anything, I would celebrate it, not burn it.
What about the claims that you sent a Snapchat saying “f--- you Matty J?”
I don’t think I did! If I did, it was probably… I honestly don’t remember. But if I sent a Snapchat first of all, I would have gotten in trouble because we’re not allowed to Snapchat.
I think I did send a picture to my friend about the roses I kept only because they were getting mouldy but nothing else. It’s all completely inaccurate.
You were such a front-runner! You had the first date, the first overnight, first second date – why do you think things changed so quickly?
Well that is a question I never got answered, to be honest. I felt pretty good about everything.
I was treated to beautiful dates and luxury. I don’t think it’s anything I did wrong, it’s him connecting and matching better with the other girls rather than me.
Elora denies reports she burnt all her memorabilia from her time on the show.
What was about Matty J that made you fall for him so quickly?
He was really, really beautiful inside and out. Even though I am a little bit wild and a lot to handle, I felt like he could have been one to balance me out and handle me.
He could have been the one that was manly and adult enough to have a serious relationship with. And we would have been a good balance.
You wanted more time with Matty J tonight but you didn’t get it. How heartbroken were you when you when he sent home in those circumstances?
Ugh, I’m afraid to see it tonight. It was really hard. I didn’t expect it and I wish it happened differently. I wish I had time to talk to him.
Him skipping the cocktail party made me feel disrespected. I really feel like I deserved a lot more than that.
Can you talk us through the lead up to your eviction? And of course the brutal moment he rejected your kiss?
After he rejected my kiss, we had a group date and I was very embarrassed. I was afraid to show him that.
But then everything went so well, except the first game with the boxes was atrocious, horrible! Having to judge each other… The compatibility game was fun and having to share my dream relationship with him, I thought everything went well!
You share your dream with someone and then when he chose Elise for that [single] date, I was devastated! You do make yourself available, it’s like when we shared our fears and he chose Tara at the end. How are you judging that one fear is better than the other?
I poured my heart out and I walked into a beautiful chapel… it was really intense after the cocktail party and the kiss. Right before he left with Elise, he pulled me aside and said “don’t worry, there’s nothing to worry about. You’re beautiful! But I am going to take Elise and have an amazing time but don’t be too hard on yourself, what you said was amazing.”
So that felt really good! I went into that cocktail party feeling reassured. Cobie not coming back was very, very surprising!
She had really been there for me over the past few days. [After the rejected kiss] I didn’t leave my room til 4pm, I was so embarrassed! I felt so guilty seeing the girls face-to-face.
"He was really, really beautiful inside and out."
Wow, so you slept all day after the rejected kiss?
Yeah! The cocktail party ended late and then I slept in, I just didn’t leave my room. Cobie brought me food, she brought me Poomba, she took care of me all day and she was like, “It’s OK. You can talk to the girls.”
I finally went out and told the girls that I loved them and I’m sorry. Cobie was really walking me through all of that. Going into that cocktail party and she hadn’t come home yet, it was really hard to realise she wasn’t going to come home and that Matty wasn’t even going to consider talking to me that night and go straight to the ceremony, I felt very disrespected.
Like, where was the gentleman that I knew?
A few months has passed since your eviction, how do you feel towards Matty now?
I am over him because you’ve got to be strong. It’s been three-four months now and you do realise who he is with, there’s no way I could have been in her position because she’s actually perfect for it.
I don’t think it would have lasted that long if I ended up with him. I think everything does happen for a reason and it made me grow and really know who I want and what I don’t want.
I would love to see him again and be friends! When everything is over, we can all have a nice, home cocktail party.
What would your message to Matty be if you saw him again?
I would say that in all honesty, if he genuinely chose to put whoever he’s with through this mind-bend…
I would hope that he’s 100% happy and he makes her happy and it’s 100% genuine and it’s not for any other reason. I would wish him happiness.
After Matty J rejected her advances, Elora hid out in her room until 4pm the next day.
Do you think the love he’s found is genuine and will go the distance?
Yes, I think they’re both in love for sure. After what they went through, I think it’s pretty solid.
One of the biggest stories from this season was your controversial overnight date and what exactly happened. What’s your comment on that whole sleepover saga?
Nothing happened… nothing happened at all. It was early, the doors I opened were to my bedroom. It was really early, we still had wine and a lot of food.
You never know when you’re done filming so I was like, “Are you coming in?” At the end of the day, in reality I would love to hang out with Matty with no camera. I would have gotten to know him way better, and he would have later came in for a chat and to get to know him without the pressure of producing content.
There’s no way I would have said: “let’s have sex!” There’s the other girls at home. I didn’t kiss him on the first date because I wanted the build-up so why would I sleep with him on the second night?
What about your love life post Bachie? Are you dating anyone special?
I am not dating anyone at all! I’m really bad at this dating thing, to be honest.
I don’t do websites! When I go out with my friends, I’m just with my friends, I don’t just go around and flirt with everyone. It would take a lot for someone to catch my eye.
I don’t think I could do anything online. It’s really hard to find someone I would want to date.
Sorry guys but the 27-year-old insists she didn't sleep with MJ.
What are your thoughts on the final four girls?
Tara has the biggest heart ever. She’s very, very sensitive and she hides it with being funny and outrageous. I wish I invested more energy in her, I would love to have a serious place in her heart. She’s amazing.
From day one, Florence and I had trust. She’s absolutely outrageous! She’ll get all the attention and she deserves all the attention because she’s funny and she’s smart and she’s fantastic.
Elise, I can really, really relate to because we’re both down-to-earth and she’s really, really smart. I just wish she understood her power a lot more than she does. I wish she knew how strong and amazing she was a little bit more.
And then Laura, ah! She’s just amazing as well. She’s someone to look up to. She knows what she wants, she goes for it. She’s really confident and very, very caring. But she does have those little insecurities about her that not everybody sees. I saw them and it was really nice to see that. I would love to be a bit more like her, she’s amazing.
Who do you think he’ll pick and who do you think he’s the most compatible with?
I think he’s very compatible with Elise. Physically, mentally everything about them is the same. They would be great.
And I think he will pick Laura because in a way Matty likes to be challenged. He’s really sweet but he’s a bit feisty and I think she’ll definitely challenge that and god, she’s beautiful to look at!
What’s next for you, is it back to fire twirling? Would you do more reality TV?
Fire twirling was never professional, it’s just on the beach with friends. I’m looking for a job with sponsorship in event and PR management around here.
And if Australia wants me as The Bachelorette I would love to!