EXCLUSIVE: The Bachelor’s Elise is moving to Matty J’s hometown

Well, this is interesting.

By Carrissa Lawrie
It can’t be by mere chance that The Bachelor Australia star Elise Stacy – who finally got her single date last week and smashed her way back into the game – is packing up her life and moving it all to Sydney in just a few short weeks.
Which begs the question: is it to be with Matty J?

The former Hockeyroo star laughed off any questions about timing, but certainly didn’t shut down the rumours.
“People can read into it what they want,” the blonde says coyly.
Though Matty and Elise got off to a slow start – ahem, 10 episodes later – when the two FINALLY did get some one-on-one time, it was effortless.
All aboard! Matty and Elise kicked off their date with a ride on the cutest red London-esque bus.
Elise says her family totally support her decision to move, even though she’ll be leaving them all behind in Perth.
And why wouldn’t they be, especially if she really has won the Bachie’s heart!
“I’m stoked to be moving back to Sydney,” says Elise.
She doesn’t seem at all concerned about the move, or rebuilding her social life in a new city.
Since Matty and Elise are both in marketing and have each lived in Sydney at different times, it’s no surprise that the pair ran in the same social circles before they both moved away from home.
“There are people we know where it’s not six degrees of separation, it’s more like one,” she laughs.

Elise is strangely calm about the whole thing, even though she still has no idea where she’ll be living yet.
Perhaps shacking up with a certain tall, dark and handsome bloke?
One thing’s for sure, she’s not going anywhere anytime soon. She’s even locked in a new job already. Seems like a pretty permanent ‘yes’ from Elise.
“I’m looking to put down some roots,” the 29-year-old tells OK!. “I’ll be there to stay.”
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