EXCLUSIVE: "I’m the real deal!" Matty J sets the record straight

Bachelor Matty J addresses ALL those rumours about who calls the shots on the show and why he even went on in the first place.

By OK! team
With die-hard Bachie fans deconstructing everything from scripted moments to supposed shots of Matty wearing an earpiece, this year’s Bachelor clears the air in an OK! exclusive.
Matty J admits that he and Laura Byrne had "crossed paths before" but were not connected in any way before the show.
Yes, I met Laura [Byrne] before the show aired
Matty never denied meeting Laura in passing before the show, but claims that the two weren’t in contact before filming began.
"We crossed paths," he tells OK!.
More specifically, "She said something to my friend in the sauna at [Sydney’s] Icebergs, but details weren’t exchanged and we didn’t contact each other."
Phew, spoiler averted!

Yes, I wore an earpiece
Not sure why everyone assumes that an earpiece serves the sole purpose of feeding scripted lines to the wearer, but Matty dismisses that theory easier than anything else.
"I would wear an earpiece strictly at the rose ceremony to have contact with the director in case of any technical issues," he explains.
Seems legit! And to be fair, all the times Matty has been spotted with an earpiece is indeed only during rose ceremonies.

No, I didn’t like Laura because she looked like Georgia Love
The internet has been DROWNING in side-by-side comparisons of Bachelorette Georgia Love and Laura Byrne.
But Matty is quick to point out that they actually don’t even share that many similarities.
"I don’t see it! Both have got beautiful brown hair," he admits, "But that’s about it. If you had to pick a look-alike, I think Cobie has more similarities."
And we agree! The resemblance is uncanny.
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