Plot twist! Lisa thinks Laura won’t win The Bachelor

The former fan-favourite thinks another lucky lady will come out on top.

By Kietley Isrin
Did that really just happen? That’s the question shocked fans are asking in after Matty J sent Lisa home during tonight’s rose ceremony.
The model from Victoria had been a favourite to win over The Bachelor’s heart ever since they first met on night one with many viewers claiming she had the competition in the bag after Matty admitted to being “blown away” by the 24-year-old.
So was Lisa ever a front-runner or have we been fooled by tricky editing?
“I think Elise will be the last one standing,” she tells TV WEEK, despite rumours jewellery designer Laura Byrnes is the lucky lady.
“She is an absolute legend and from what I could see, her and Matty get along really well and have a lot in common. They would be really cute together.”
Matty and Lisa had instant chemistry but it wasn't meant to be.
Of her relationship with Matty, Lisa says while they did have a connection and chemistry at the start, it didn’t last.
“I still have a huge amount of respect for Matty,” she says.
“He is a great guy and I can’t say a bad word about him. I didn’t leave on bad terms so I wish him well with whoever he ends up with.”

During her time on the show, former villain Jen accused Lisa of saying Matty was like a “brother” to her. It’s something Lisa strongly denies.
“There was something between Matty and I and to be honest, I don’t think you can have a relationship with someone without being friends first,” Lisa explains.
“I honestly would not do anything differently. I think I was myself the whole time. I said what I felt and I was true to myself. I met a lot of girls and developed friendships so I wouldn’t have it any other way.”
While Lisa says she has zero regrets about her experience on the show, she admits there were times where she felt like leaving.
“You get a bit over it (the drama) and you want to do your own thing,” she says.
Lisa thinks that Matty will end up with Elise (above).

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