The Bachelor's Elise had a game plan all along

“I was quite happy to stay under the radar until now.”

Signing up for The Bachelor Australia was a tough decision for Elise.
The former professional hockey player, who’s tipped 
to win Bachelor Matty’s heart, had only been in two long-term relationships prior to appearing on the show.
When the show’s casting producers contacted the full-time athlete asking her 
to be a contestant this season, Elise jumped at the chance.
“It was hard to meet people as an athlete – all day, every day, I was training,” Elise, 
30, explains to TV WEEK.
“I had to be a bit selfish. I was on tour a lot. Now 
the priorities are on finding someone I love and loves 
me back,” she smiles.
Of being labelled the show’s “dark horse”, Elise admits it was all part of her plan.
“I was quite happy to stay under the radar until now,” she explains. “And I’m so excited for people to see 
how Matty and I are together.
Elise and Matty played hockey together on a date.
“We both feel like, ‘Why didn’t this happen earlier? 
It’s been a nice surprise’.”
Despite her strong feelings towards Matty now, Elise says she did think about leaving the mansion at one stage.
“My intention going into this was to find someone I could fall in love with, not be in 
a reality TV show – that was secondary for me,” she says.
“I did think, ‘What’s the point if I don’t engage in drama?’ It’s not who I am. If 
he doesn’t notice me because 
I sit back, then so be it.”
Elise has been described as a dark horse. Will she win Matty's heart?

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