EXCLUSIVE: Talkin' 'Bout Your Generation's Andy Lee admits, "I miss Hamish!"

The comedian spills on losing his on-screen wingman.

Andy Lee is the new team captain for Gen Y on the revamped Talkin' 'Bout Your Generation. But there's one thing missing: his long-time other half Hamish Blake.
"I've called every guest teammate 'Hamish' at some point," the 36-year-old tells OK!.
In fact, Andy – who shares the screen with Robyn Butler on team Gen X and Laurence Boxhall leading Gen Z – needed his comedy partner Hamish so bad, he got him as a guest.
"It was fun to boss him around a bit," he laughs.
Here, we chat to the funnyman about his new gig!

The show's set to reboot on Channel 9. How did you get involved?
"Host Shaun [Micallef] contacted me, saying, "Would you like to do this show?" And I was such a fan of his growing up, which makes him sound so old… The opportunity to work with Shaun closely, I had to jump at it."
Are you competitive? Do you shout answers at the TV?
"Yes, absolutely! People will probably shout at me because I don't have a great run at answering questions correctly on the show, though! But yeah, if anyone has seen anything Hamish and I do then it's obvious I am competitive and always willing to fight to the death – which my man Laurence found out the hard way!"
Andy with his Talkin' 'Bout Your Generation cast mates
Does it feel strange to have a new partner who's not Hamish?
"I called every person on the show – including Kate McLennan – 'Hamish' at least once! It was fun to mix with a bunch of people from all generations and it's nice to not be the oldest – that's Robyn's team!"
Did you boss Hamish around when he made his guest appearance?
"That's how the whole episode plays out. We had an argument about who was in charge!"

When you're with Hamish's kids, do you rile them up and then sneak out?
"That's generally my plan. It's the same when looking after my nephews! I usually just throw them around everywhere, get them as high as a kite and then say I have to go to avoid duty! I take being the fun uncle very seriously, though, and I thoroughly enjoy it."
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