Take Me Out: Joel Creasey's addictive new dating show

Funnyman Joel Creasey spills on the new dating show NW is obsessing over.

By NW team
OK, we know what you're thinking – not another reality dating show. But check the scepticism at the door, because Take Me Out isn't your typical "searching for love" story. Nup, there are no rose ceremonies or fake marriages here. But the biggest difference?
"You won't catch an STD from us like you will on Love Island," the show's host Joel Creasey tells NW.
"With our show, we know what we are. We aren't trying to pretend that we're going to get people married. And we're not trying to pretend that we know some of our contestants aren't just here for a bit of fame."
So what's the go?
The show sees a panel of 30 girls introduced to a male contestant, whose end goal is to take one of them on a date. As we learn more about the guy, the girls are able to "opt out" by turning off their light. Eventually the tables are turned and the guy chooses which girl he wants to wine and dine – if any of them have left their light on, that is!
What other shenanigans can we expect? Joel spills all!
Joel Creasey plays cupid on Take Me Out.
Hey Joel, this show is much fun!
Joel: Thanks! I had the best time doing it. It's so crass, silly and irreverent.
Would you go on the show if you were single?
Joel: I would love to, but as one of the girls. I don't think I'd be able to go on as one of the guys... my ego couldn't take it.
Do any guys end up with zero girls left to choose from?
Joel: We call it a blackout and, yeah, there certainly is a blackout at some point. Before we started shooting I was like, "A blackout would be the most hilarious thing ever, I can't wait for it to happen." But then when it is actually unfolding before your eyes, it's hard to watch. You have to comfort this poor guy.

What do the girls need to do to impress the guys?
Joel: It's totally about first impressions. All the girls are gorgeous, so you've really got to stand out – a sense of humour helps.
And how can the guys win over the girls?
Joel: It's hard because – in true girl fashion – the girls change what they are looking for every three seconds. You've got to come out with a lot of confidence. Some of the dorky guys who came with lots of confidence actually had so many girls left at the end. I had to tell the girls off sometimes because they would say they wanted someone who loves dogs and then the second a guy comes out and has a dog, they would buzz out.I'm like, "Babe?! You've been banging on about dogs for seven episodes! Why are you buzzing out now?"
Do you have any fave contestants?
Joel: I fell in love with all the girls – they're all so funny. I became their gay uncle.

You're essentially playing Cupid. What's it like having that power?
Joel: It's awesome! I'm power hungry now.
Are there any celebs you want to play matchmaker for?
Joel: There are a lot that need help! Susie McLean – who used to star on The Real Housewives of Melbourne – is my friend and would be perfect. If we get to do a Season Two then I will absolutely be giving her a call!
Take Me Out airs 7.30pm Mondays and Tuesdays on Seven
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