The Crazy Rich Asians "fixer" reveals his craziest celebrity demands

Including the story of how he met Prince!

By Anita Lyons
Network Ten's pilot week has started off with a bang, with the lavish lifestyles of the rich and famous exposed on the brand new show, Sydney's Crazy Rich Asians.
From a lavish boat party organised with just 48-hours notice, to designer Leona Edmiston launching a collection of clothing for dogs, the premiere episode had it all.
But these incredible feats would not be possible without one man and his band of "fixers" - Karim Gharbi.
Karim Gharbi, the celebrity concierge from Sydney's Crazy Rich Asians. (Source: Network Ten)
While organising helicopters, closures of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and casual supermodels teach swimming lessons wasn't enough – the Algerian-born fixer can add "concierge to hugely famous celebrities" to his long list of accomplishments.
In fact, after 18 years in hospitality, he's seen it and met them all.
"I got to look after some amazing celebrities like Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder and many others including Chuck Norris," Karim told Now to Love during a sit-down chat, but it was a story about the late Prince, that really caught our attention.
"It was at Casablanca, one of the many clubs I used to manage," Karim said.
"It was amazing. It was a moment I'll never forget. I looked after him so well that he came back the next night, which wasn't planned, and we had a private party for him.
Superstar and pop icon, Prince. (Source: Getty)
Karim had the honour of looking after the pop icon, and was the only person allowed "close to him".
"I played his song for him, and we even danced to his song together.
"So it was a really special moment and I was devastated when he passed away. I really was."
When it comes to the rich and famous; Karim treats celebrities as "real people".
"I think it's refreshing for them and that's why they really love it," he said.
"And I don't take photos with them, but I always make sure that I ask them to do something that will stay with me in my memories."
Karim with the cast of Sydney's Crazy Rich Asians. (Source: Network Ten)
Karim's business, The VIP Sydney, is a service that offers "everything that people want and dream of" and "the wealthier they are, the more particular they become".
"We're only there for them to have the extreme service."
Pilot week continues on Tuesday with Part Time Private Eyes, I Am… Roxy on Wednesday and *My 80 Year Old Flatmate" on Friday, only on 10 and WIN.