Survivor's Brooke & Flick: 'Our friendship is over!'

By Zoë Holloway
Inseparable until the day she was blindsided and ousted from Australian Survivor in a strategic move made by her best friend, Brooke Jowett is still understandably hurt.
‘I think my trust issues have gone through the roof,’ shares the 23-year-old of the play orchestrated by Felicity ‘Flick’ Egginton, also 23. ‘I would not have been able to do that to her in that kind of brutal way.’
The Melbourne-based promotions and events coordinator for former Bachelor Sam Wood’s fitness company tells OK! that even though months have gone by since  filming of the show ended in Samoa, she and Flick still aren’t on friendly terms.
‘We’ve crossed paths and we’ve spoken. She’s really apologetic, but she made the decision and I guess you have to deal with the consequences.’
The friendship fallout hasn’t been the only hurdle the brunette beauty has had to deal with post-show. Along with fellow castaway El Rowland, 33, she and Flick have had to contend with severe backlash from viewers dubbing their gameplay as ‘mean girl’ behaviour.
‘The hate has been pretty intense,’ admits Brooke, who’s even received death threats. ‘I don’t think we were mean at all, just a group of powerful women in a position of power.’
In fact, Brooke’s considering seeking out the advice of the show’s counsellor. ‘I don’t think all of this is affecting me, but some of the comments are really horrible,’ she reasons.
‘I can’t win, I’ve been copping so much shit, but it’s nearly over.’

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