Survivor’s Ben says Jonathan LaPaglia is his man crush

“I had such a fanboy moment. He’s like Wolverine. I love him!”

Last night’s tribal council was a memorable one – and not just because of Michelle Dougan's epic takedown of Ben Morgan.
The 20-year-old overshadowed his own elimination with his fanboy reaction to Jonathan LaPaglia as the Survivor host snuffed his torch out.
“It was such a moment,” Ben tells TV WEEK. “Jonathan’s my man crush. He’s like Wolverine, I love him. I was just like, oh my god, just letting it sink in.”
Ben was targeted by Michelle at tribal council.
The 20-year-old Survivor super-fan was dragged through the mud by Michelle at tribal after he revealed a little too much to her about his tribe mates.
“That was strategic on my part because I thought Michelle and Locky were the primary targets. I didn’t realise that it was me and Michelle,” Ben laughs.
“It was my ploy to give her a nugget of information and use it as a means of gaining trust. I wanted to work with her. But I hadn’t realised where I was in the tribe. When the swaps happen, dynamics shift and Locky was no longer being gunned for.”
The uni student has thought about what he could have done differently in the game. “If I could have smoothed the relationships with Tessa and Ziggy I would have been safe,” he says.
He has no hard feelings for 33-year-old nanny Michelle, describing her strategy as “awesome”.
“She killed it. It was awesome from her. She not only outplayed me but she outplayed them,” he points out. “She’s got ties over at Asaga but they bought the whole ‘Samatau strong’ thing from her.”
Michelle managed to blindside Ben and save herself.
As for a winner, the WA native wants Sarah Tilleke, 22, to take it out. “I love her to death, she’s a great girl and a Perth girl.
“But Ziggy is my tip to win at this point. But really, anyone can win. It didn’t look like I was ever going to win but if I got past that merge I would have had a good case for myself I reckon!”
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