Survivor star Locky Gilbert’s girlfriend is worried he will cheat

The former survivor has some admirers: "Girls send me nudes!"

By NW team
In a devastating blow, Locklan "Locky" Gilbert was eliminated from Survivor in last night’s episode after his long-time ally, Tara Pitt turned against him.
Despite not taking home the prize, the hunk definitely won the hearts of many a female fan. Not least because of one memorable challenge which saw his pants get completely ripped off. So it’s no surprise to hear that the adventure guide is now beating the ladies off with a stick.
Someone not-so-thrilled by the new developments, though? His longtime girlfriend Jordan Cayless, who Locky admits is less than impressed by the attention he’s been receiving.

"Girls are ruthless, they will straight up send nudes," he revealed on The Kyle and Jacki O Show. And while he said that Jordan is “secure” in their relationship, she’s still concerned he’ll be tempted to cheat.
“She’s a little worried about me,” he confessed.
While having their man receiving a pic of some random woman’s bits would be cause for concern for most significant others, Locky shared Jordan’s real life response… and it’s amazing!
"We straight up send nudes back just both of us," he joked.
But what about her reaction to Locky’s cosying up to Tara during his time in Samoa? The pair were often busted snuggling together at night, because "You just have to do it to keep warm," says Locky.

But again it seems as though Jordan, aka The Most Secure Girlfriend of All Time didn’t have a problem with their PDA.
"We watched a few Survivors together and she was like, 'Oh no you’re going to have to cuddle people,'" Locky spilled. "We had like a cuddling rule, like no touching at the waist and stuff."
Meanwhile, despite Jordan being on the scene, the rumour mill has still been in overdrive with ideas that Locky might be the next Bachelor. But unfortunately, we can confirm that won’t be happening anytime soon.
"We do watch The Bachelor and its quite funny but, nah, I’m in a relationship," he said.
Sorry, gossipers!

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