EXCLUSIVE: Survivor’s jam-stealing, cookie-thieving Luke Toki WILL return to TV!

Luke fans unite; you haven’t seen the last of ‘The King’ just yet!

By OK! team
Following this week's EPIC blindside on Australian Survivor, Luke Toki’s torch was snuffed and fans were left devastated.
But in an OK! exclusive, Luke admits he’d love to stay on your screens.
Fans came out in full force last night, shattered that Luke (one of this season’s strongest competitors) didn’t make it to the final two.
“He really deserved to win, really sad that he’s gone!” said one fan on social media, with another adding, “Luke was the best thing on Australian TV in such a long time!!” So many crying emojis last night…
Though the 30-year-old was bummed to leave the show, he was more than ready to be reunited with his wife and sons.
But it’s okay guys! Luke says he’s definitely open to making another TV appearance in future. “If people want to see more of my crazy arse on TV, I’ll do it,” he tells OK!. “I could be Alf’s long-lost son from Bogan Town [on Home and Away],” he says jokingly. But seriously, why not?!
The 30-year-old mining technician says he got “welcomed home pretty well,” no doubt eager to make up for lost time with his two sons Lennox, 5, and Nate, 2.
Talk of his young family, a letter from home and a short phone call to them were pretty much the only times that Luke was brought to tears during the show.
“There were obviously a couple of moments out there where I got a bit teary,” says Luke about showing his softer side on TV. “But they are obviously very proud, and I can't wait for the boys to watch it when they’re a bit older.” We’re sure they’ll totally support Dad stealing the cookies and building a spy shack.

With Luke well and truly out of the game, he’s eager for his fans to throw their support behind bromance buddy Jericho to bring it home this season.
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