Low blow! The Sunrise team take a swipe at Lisa Wilkinson's shock departure

And it was like watching a bunch of teenagers laugh at their own joke.

By Bella Brennan
Breakfast TV is a serious business. Between the 3am starts, constant scrutiny over ratings, delivering the perfect balance of hard-hitting news and light-hearted puff pieces, there's also the whole network rivalry thing.
And the long-standing beef between Nine's Today Show and Seven's Sunrise teams is legendary.
So it was hardly surprising when the Sunrise crew decided to poke fun of the current situation over at Nine after Lisa Wilkinson jumped ship to Channel 10 over a pay gap dispute.
On Tuesday morning, host David Koch crossed over to The Morning Show stars but noticed Kylie Gillies was MIA and instead, Sarah Cumming was joining Larry Emdur.
"Time for The Morning Show now with Larry and Sarah... Where's Kylie?" Kochie questioned.
WATCH: Karl pays tribute to his co-host of ten years, Lisa Wilkinson. Post continues...
Fill-in host Sarah Cumming joked that Kylie Gillies was at a "secret meeting."
"Where is she, she got the day off?" Natalie Barr added.
"She's got the day off," Larry confirmed.
But his Sunrise pals weren't content with his explanation and pressed further.
"What's happened?" Samantha Armytage asked.
WATCH: Lisa discusses what she and Karl earn. Post continues...

"She's got a secret meeting," Kylie's fill-in Sarah said as the panel erupted into a fit of laughter and the sound of money being cashed was played over their giggles.
"When did she tell you this? Was it before or after five o'clock last night," Nat queried, in reference to reports Nine cut off Lisa's swipe card at 5pm on Monday evening after her contract negations hit a dead end.
Boom, tish, etc.
But the next time there's a change up at Sunrise, let's not forget how small and fickle the industry is and how many well-known personalities network hop.
David Koch, Samantha Armytage, Natalie Barr and Chris Reason at the 2017 Logie Awards.