Our favourite moments from Summer Heights High

It’s been 10 years since the mockumentary first hit our screens.

By TV Week team
In Chris Lilley’s controversial comedy series Summer Heights High no topic was off limits.
While the show was hugely successful, winning the TV WEEK Logie for Best Comedy Program in 2008, some viewers took offence to the more contentious storylines.
The series did walk a very fine line between hilarious and highly inappropriate.
Chris played all three main characters; drama teacher Mr G, ‘popular girl’ Ja’mie King and troubled teen Jonah Takaloua.
The success of the show led to the popular spin-offs; Jonah From Tonga and Ja’mie: Private School Girl.
We look back at just some of our favourite moments from the show below...
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1. When Mr G performs for his drama class

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2. When Ja'ime falls "in love" with Sebastian

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3. The fact that Mr G is a teacher but he doesn't really like kids

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B9NWJYUW74hb2.gifPowered by GIPHY

4. Jonah's definition of 'disruptive behaviour'

FnQszvWsfgCqI.gifPowered by GIPHY

5. Ja'ime's relationship with her public school friends

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uf2xcRUWG1oME.gifPowered by GIPHY

6. Mr G's totally inappropriate school muscial

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a2n42UuOe0F0Y.gifPowered by GIPHY

7. 'Puck you sir'

42AW7R8JujR4c.gifPowered by GIPHY
osvKlFCLcHMIg.gifPowered by GIPHY

8. Ja'ime's use of the word random

lSowrheBHWyly.gifPowered by GIPHY
bOXitBwG4RIPu.gifPowered by GIPHY

9. Mr G's relationship with his dog Celine

FNSMvjrwhzVZu.gifPowered by GIPHY
PBVCIumXPp6mc.gifPowered by GIPHY

10. Jonah's elation at his suspension from school

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