What to expect from Suits season seven

Meghan Markle (yes, Prince Harry’s girlfriend) will be returning to our screens!

By TV Week team
Season six of Suits was a total game-changer and by the looks of things, the team at Pearson Specter Litt are up for another big shake-up this time around.
Mike (Patrick J Adams) has now finished his stint in jail, and will return to PSL with Harvey (Gabriel Macht) now running the show.
Suits creator and showrunner Aaron Korsh was excited to explore the new dynamic between Mike and Harvey in the upcoming season.
“How are Harvey and Mike going to work together? Our band is back together, but they’re different, they’re changed,” Aaron explains to Deadline. “Mike isn’t a brand new attorney anymore. He’s also not a fraud anymore and how is it going to impact their lives and relationships moving forward under this new dynamic?”
Mike and Harvey are back in action.
Meanwhile, Mike’s fiancée Rachel (Meghan Markle) is now working as a fully-fledged lawyer.
We also have our fingers crossed that we will finally see Mike and Rachel walk down the aisle this season!
The whole gang are finally in a good place.
“It’s like a new start for all of them, but it is a launching pad for all of them,” Aaron says. “That to me is going to be the premise moving forward of Season 7 — what do you do now that you’ve gotten everything you wanted possibly?”
Meghan Markle as Rachel.
TV WEEK caught up with Suits stars Sarah Rafferty and Rick Hoffman visited Australia earlier this year.
According to Sarah and Rick, not only should we expect big things from season seven, but if they had their way, the whole cast would be heading to Australia to shoot a special spin-off episode!
US shows such as Modern Family and The Bold And The Beautiful have both filmed here and Suits could be next in line.
"Gabriel would love that," Sarah, who plays Donna says. "His wife is Australian, they have a big part of their life here so they would be thrilled."
Season seven of Suits will premiere on Thursday, July 13 on Universal.

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