Already binged Stranger Things 2? Here are the funniest reactions to the new season

We have so many feelings.

By Jacqui King
It’s been six days since Netflix dropped season two of Stranger Things and by now we’re sure you’ve already binged all nine episodes.
If you haven’t, stop now because SPOILERS ARE COMING. You have been warned.
After Eleven successfully closed the gate on the Upside Down and the demogorgon (or whatever that creepy thing was) left Will’s body (for good, we hope), all seemed right in the town of Hawkins.
(Except for heroic Bob who died trying to Joyce and co. #JusticeForBob)
We'll never get over Bob's death
Dr Owens created a birth certificate for Eleven, AKA Jane Hopper so she can now live a free life with Hopper and her beau Mike.
But given that the Mind Flayer/Shadow Monster knows all about Eleven now, we’re sure it’s going to come back even stronger than ever.
That final scene of the season finale proved that it is MASSIVE and is about ready to take over the world.
So, if you had strong feelings about all the great moments of the series (when Lucas’ sister Erica brought 10/10 sass to the table, when Mike and Eleven were reunited, when Mike and Eleven kissed at the school dance, when Jonathon finally made a move on Nancy, when Steve became the greatest surrogate parent ever), you’re not alone.
Here are all the best reactions to Stranger Things season two.
So, what do you think of the new season? Was it as good as the first, if not better? Tweet us at @TVWEEKmag!

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