Our thoughts on Stan Australia’s new series The Other Guy

Matt Okine’s comedy is relatable and realistic.

By Alex McCarthy
Matt Okine

Stan Australia’s newest home-grown series The Other Guy premiered on the streaming service today and all six episodes are available for your viewing pleasure.

Comedian and former Triple J breakfast host Matt Okine co-wrote and stars in the comedy series about a radio host who is struggling with the discovery that his girlfriend cheated on him with his best friend.

The first episode, called ‘The Mattress’, sees AJ (Matt Okine) dealing with the fallout of his failed relationship by drinking every night and partying with his friend Stevie, played by Love Child’s Harriet Dyer.

The title of the episode comes from the instance where AJ wakes up following a one-night stand to discover that someone has wet the bed.

AJ trying to salvage the mattress.
AJ trying to salvage the mattress.

For much of the episode AJ pushes the blame for said pee onto the thin blonde that he slept with.

To make matters worse, it isn’t even AJ’s mattress, it’s his ex-girlfriend Olivia’s (Valene Kane).

When Olivia comes around to the house, AJ must explain that it isn’t his wee.

It’s an awkward combo of admitting that a stranger has urinated on the bed that the former couple shared, with a slight middle finger to Olivia that AJ has started to move on.

Valene King as AJ's ex-girlfriend Olivia.
Valene King as AJ's ex-girlfriend Olivia.

The real winner of this episode is Harriet Dyer as Stevie.

Harriet’s character is either high, drunk or hungover during the first episode, but Stevie still manages to steal the show.

A particular favourite moment is when Stevie pours herself a glass of wine from a goon bag stuffed into her handbag while her and AJ are hanging out at a local bowling club.

We look forward to more of these ‘Stevie’ moments as the series goes on.

Harriet Dyer, alongside co-star Christiaan Van Vuuren, is great as Stevie.
Harriet Dyer, alongside co-star Christiaan Van Vuuren, is great as Stevie.

The Other Guy is a raw and real look at life post breakup and nothing about the episode feels unrealistic.

The friendship portrayed by Matt and Harriet is top-notch and it’s a pretty honest depiction of the feeling of bumbling through life in your late 20’s.

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