Are Sophie Monk and Stu Laundy actually Blake Garvey and Sam Frost 2.0?

We’re calling it – romance is officially dead and we’re fools for believing otherwise.

By Chloe Lal
Sophie Monk has achieved what she always wanted from The Bachelorette - she's found love in the form of millionaire publican Stu Laundy.
Ever since the Bardot singer was announced as The Bachelorette Australia for 2017, the entire nation was filled with hope.
When Sam Frost first took to the Bachelorette podium in 2015, the Channel Ten dating show was all about redemption.
For Georgia Love, it was about giving the nation Matty J.

But Sophie Monk – all that is good, bogan and bloody fantastic – The Bachelorette gave her the opportunity to come across a man so fabulous it would actually inspire Good Charlotte to produce one decent hit.
Sophie's time to shine came after, let’s admit, a bit of a doozy-albeit-scripted season of The Bachelor
Yes we understand the show’s about finding love, but we’re not supposed to KNOW who wins from the first meeting LAURA .
We were all ready for something good, or at the very least better. And Sophie Monk was a breath of fresh air.
Her no-filter approach to dating 18 guys proved to be a ratings hit.
We believe (and still do) that she went on national TV wanted to find someone to spend the rest of her life with, you hearing us Stu?
But not all the guys were as pure, as sweet Soph.
Some were there to be the token sexist pig, many got their chance to play the part of the wallflower, others were the guy you got in the office pool that you had no idea were ever on the show.
But then we had men like Apollo and sweet Jimmy and of course shout out to the winner Stu Laundy and runner-up Jarrod Woodgate – all who from what we saw, wanted real love, in the form of Sophie Monk.
All signs pointed towards a very positive ending, right up until the final week.
The Bachelor/The Bachelorette team run a pretty tight ship, with rules that have stayed the same since Tim Robards uttered Anna Heinrich’s name in Phuket back in 2013.
But we, self-declared Bachelorette sleuths, believe something wicked has come Sophie’s way and maybe it isn’t all roses and happiness for our 2017 lovebirds Sophie Monk and Stu Laundy.
Stu may be Sophie's prince charming...
But is this a fairytale about to come crashing?

1. We were given the Blake Garvey and Sam Frost treatment

Usually on the day of the Bachelorette grand finale, the top two contenders do so much press that you forget anything OTHER than Bachie actually exists.
This year, not a peep. Seriously, Silence of the Lambs made more sound.
And this has us real concerned.
Lord, we still have such rage over this.
Could we have another Blake Garvey and Sam Frost situation on our hands?
The last time Ten put up a magnetic shield around their top two was in 2014, when Sam Frost and Lisa Hyde were competing for Blake Garvey’s heart.
Turns out, he wanted third-runner up Louise Louise Pillidge instead.
So, Apollo don’t commit to any corporate Christmas parties just yet!
Magic man... You're up!

2. What were Jarrod and Stu doing on finale day?

Looking back at the Bachelor top two Elise Stacey and Laura Byrne, finals day meant a bucket load of radio interviews, photo shoots and chats with media (including us!)
Jarrod did his token airport pap shoot as he arrived in Sydney from Victoria.
As for Stu, so far he committed to a handful of public interviews, with just one agenda – to slam reports he’s seeing Sydney socialite Tiffany Tilley behind Sophie Monk's back.
“I've never met Tiff. I know who Tiff is, we have very close mutual friends and I don't know how but we have never met face-to-face, ever,” he told Newscorp.
“Never, ever, ever. I'll swear on a stack of bibles. I'll take a lie-detector test.”
Yep, Stu has been trying to clean up this merry mess.
And right now he’s in the sh—house. Majorly.
Maybe you can name a pub in Sophie's honour?

3. Is Sophie Monk in love and more importantly, actually happy?

Only time will tell.
We’re sure the loved-up Instagram posts and glamorous post-Bachie photo shoots will come.
But we’re truly hoping Stu and Sophie do last.
And Stu, if you’re reading this… Try very hard not to hurt Soph’s heart.
The entire country is watching and waiting.