Sophie Monk tells: "Why I won’t have sex in the mansion!"

Risqué dates are off the table for this Bachelorette.

By NW team
If you thought this season of *The Bachelorette Australia 2017 was going to be X-rated, think again!
While Sophie Monk might have played some promiscuous characters on the big screen, in real life she’s not that kind of girl.
In fact, the thought of getting down and dirty during on The Bachelorette is massive turn-off for her.
"Oh, that is so gross – I could not do that on TV. And in America, it’s so full-on. Like, 'Change the sheets!'" Sophie exclusively spilled to NW.
Sophie says she planned to save the action until after the finale when the cameras are off because she wanted to fall in love without sex getting in the way.
"It’s a bit dirty for TV. But what I loved about [The Bachelorette Australia 2017] is that you’re not doing it," she remarked.
"You have to form a friendship, whereas in normal life you might do it earlier and that could change everything – especially for women! I think men are different but, for me, after sex, I fall straight away. So yeah, being patient – it’s just the best."
As for ending up with a dud in bed?
"I think you can kind of tell! Just from, like, confidence or kissing... I think you can tell, but it’s so nice waiting."
But, that’s not to say that there won’t be any action in the house, with Soph revealing there was plenty of lip-locking in the mansion.
"I said I wouldn’t and then, next minute – bang, first date!" the blonde bombshell laughed.
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