Were Sophie Monk and Stu Laundy secretly dating before The Bachelorette?

This certainly increases his chances of winning!

Viewers have been so wrapped up in the drama about Jarrod Woodgate's pot plant, that they nearly missed the truth about Stu Laundy and Sophie Monk.
He might have entered The Bachelorette Australia race for Sophie Monk’s heart weeks later than the others, but there’s no denying the pub mogul - who admitted to trying to take the Bachelorette beauty on a date before the show - made an impression fast.
Last week Stu was snapped in Soph's home state of Queensland.
For man fighting for Sophie's heart, he seemed pretty chill!
Now, sources are saying that there might have been more to Sophie and Stu's brief encounter, than they’ve previously claimed.
“Everyone is saying that Soph and Stu didn’t meet just once before the show started,” our insider tells us.
“They actually briefly dated.”
Looking good, Mr Publican!
Insiders have spilled that the pair actually dated prior to being on the reality show.
The proud dad-of-four was pictured just one week before the Bachelorette Australia 2017 finale, taking a well-earned relaxing swim in Queensland.
And judging from the smile on his dial, we're guessing that could be a winner's grin.
Is that a smile from a man in love?
Viewers can't wait to see who wins Sophie's heart. **(Images/Diimex))
There have been tell-tale signs that Stu and Soph were more than just acquaintances before the show even started.
For starters, Channel Ten made the decision to adapt the normal age bracket of 26-35 to include 35-45 year olds, and brought Stu, 44, in as an intruder – automatically giving him less suitors to compete against in the quest to win Sophie’s heart.
Then, bookie favourite Luke got the boot – and according to the hunk it was to remove the competition up against Stu.
“There was obviously guys who came into the house and I noticed almost straight away that there was a connection with one of them, and maybe she just wanted to remove someone out of the picture to not complicate things too much so she could focus on developing a relationship with that person,” Luke admitted.
And we can also reveal Sophie’s “friend” Adele, who led the doga session on her single date with Apollo, is also a friend of Stu’s and lives the same Sydney suburb as him.
Coincidence, much?!
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