EXCLUSIVE: Snezana Markoski reveals how she stays in shape after having Willow

Snezana has a few post-baby fitness tips.

By TV Week team
She found love with fitness guru Sam Wood on the third season of The Bachelor Australia. Now, two years later, Snezana Markoski and fiancé Sam have welcomed their first child together.
When TV WEEK catches up with the brunette beauty, she's already back at the gym and amping up her training in an effort to get her pre-baby body back.
Snezana, 37, who's also a proud mum to 12-year-old daughter Eve, chats about getting back into shape and enjoying life after welcoming her new bundle of joy.
Snez is back in the gym after giving birth to baby Willow.
You and Sam have always been active. When you were pregnant with Willow, what kind of exercise did you do?
It had been 12 years since I had Eve, so I was a bit older this time around. I knew that the healthier I was and the more I looked after myself, the better it'd be for Willow and I. I followed Sam's 28 pregnancy program and went on lots of walks to keep moving in a safe way. It was a bit of a mixed bag. There were days where morning sickness meant it was just a nap on the couch. Other days, I went for a walk, and some days I got a great workout at home.
Do you feel a sense of empowerment knowing your body was capable of bringing a baby into the world?
It isn't something I've thought too much about, but it's pretty amazing what our bodies can do. I've always been very maternal. Being a mum feels so natural to me, and it's something I'm really proud of.
After having Willow, when did you feel was the right time for you to get back into exercise again?
I had a straightforward natural birth and a fairly quick recovery. I started going on walks with Willow in the pram early on. I didn't start any other exercises until five to six weeks post-partum, when I'd been given the all-clear from my doctor.
She's hitting the gym with fiancé Sam.
How did you know you were ready, and were you nervous to exercise again?
I was excited and nervous. I was afraid my body wasn't going to work like it did prior to being pregnant. I'm taking it one day at a time, at my own pace.
What kind of activities did you ease back in with?
I eased back into exercising by doing some light walking, followed by lots of napping. I mix up the workouts from the 28 post-natal program with some light training at the gym with Sam.
Did you feel any pressure to "bounce back"? Is there added pressure because you're in the public eye?
I don't necessarily feel it's solely because I'm in the public eye. I feel women in general now feel pressure from society to bounce back quicker than before. It's important to remember every woman's body is different and bounces back at a different rate. I do it for me – no-one else.

How are your energy levels when you are surviving on interrupted sleep?
This is exactly why exercising is so important – it helps raise your energy levels. That is what us new mums need when surviving on little sleep. Exercising not only makes me feel better physically, it helps keep me mentally strong.
How are you and little Willow doing?
Both Willow and I are doing wonderfully – apart from me being a little more tired than normal.
What's different about having a baby the second time around?
Having another baby is fantastic. I'm a lot more relaxed second time around. But being a fair bit older than when I had little Eve means I need to stay on top of my nutrition and exercise to stay energised – then I can keep up with both girls on little sleep.
What's your favourite part of having a new baby in your life?
I've loved watching Sam be an incredible father figure to Eve. But seeing him as a dad to a newborn for the first time is amazing. He's an incredible partner and fiancé. Seeing how much he loves his little girls is so special.

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