Sisters Jessica and Penny McNamee talk a potential collaboration

We might kill each other!

By Tamara Cullen
They may live on opposite sides of the world, but Jess and Penny McNamee admit they're not immune to the odd sibling squabble.
So much so that when asked whether they have plans to work together in the future, the pair reveal it's unlikely at this stage.
"It would be great, but someone has to write something for us," Penny, who plays Tori Morgan on Home And Away, says.

Meanwhile, little sister Jess, 31, jokes the duo would probably butt heads on set.
"If we don't kill each other," she laughs, adding the girls would definitely consider it if the opportunity ever arose.
"If you know of anyone who needs to cast sisters, we're there," Jess enthuses.
Jess, who currently resides in Los Angeles, is only back in Australia for two months before returning to the US.
While here, she hopes to catch up with her former cast mates from Packed To The Rafters.
"We were all texting before actually to see who is in town," Jess reveals. "So, we'll see!"
We would love to see a Packed To The Rafters reunion, even if it's off screen.
In the meantime, the rising star is preparing for a busy year. After starring alongside Emma Stone in in Battle Of The Sexes in 2017, Jess will next appear in the action blockbuster, The Meg, with Jason Statham.
"I've been working hard, and after a slow burn, things are now coming to fruition," she says. "I'm also in a place where I'm really comfortable within myself, in both my personal and professional life, so it's really nice - and incredibly exciting."

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