Sigrid Thornton chats about a possible SeaChange reboot

'It's too early to comment'

She's currently riding a wave of success with prison drama Wentworth, but Sigrid Thornton revealed to TV WEEK she's open to the idea of a SeaChange reboot!
"I've heard the rumours, but I can't say anything more than that," the 59-year-old hints. "It's too early to comment."
With reboots all the rage on TV, the return of SeaChange after 18 years would be a guaranteed ratings winner.
"I never say no to anything, but the writing and the scripts are everything," she declares.
Sigrid Thornton stars as Sonia Stevens in Wentworth.
SeaChange followed fierce lawyer Laura Gibson (played by the remarkable Sigrid), who underwent a 'seachange' and moved to Pearl Bay after finding out her husband was arrested for fraud AND had an affair with her sister.
The original series also starred David Wenham, William McInnes, John Howard, Kerry Armstrong and Sigrid's Wentworth co-star Kate Atkinson.
The ABC series ran for three seasons from 1998 to 2000, and quickly built a legion of fans who are still hoping to see more episodes.
Sigrid Thornton with William McInnes in SeaChange.
For now, three-time Logie winner Sigrid is enjoying life behind bars as Sonia Stevens in Wentworth.
"Playing a psychopath is really fun," she laughs. "I'm sorry to say it, but it is!"
While the actress has enjoyed significant success in her career, she previously told us she wishes there were more roles for mature-aged women in TV.
"It's a grand irony that 50 per cent of the population is not represented the same way on television," she says.
Sigrid Thornton at the 2018 TV WEEK Logie Awards.
However, Sigrid admits she's an "eternal optimist and change is afoot".
"I believe there are lots of people that want to see the stories of how life changes with maturity," she continues.
"There are more stories about that then I can imagine."

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