Shelley Craft's new kid on the block

The bubbly TV presenter invites Claire Rigden to spend an afternoon with her and her gorgeous baby daughter Milla.
For the contestants on this year’s series of The Block, the last three months have been nothing short of monumental. For the show’s co-host, Shelley Craft, and her 10-month-old daughter Milla, it turns out their time in Melbourne has been just as epic! “When we first came down, Milla was crawling... but only just. Three months later she’s already walking!” says Shelley, who made the move south from Byron Bay with her husband, cameraman Christian Sergiacomi, who also works on the show.
“We came down with our little baby, and we’re leaving with our big, grown-up girl!” Watching Milla totter around the lounge room, toy hammer in hand and a look of fierce determination on her face, is enough to melt even the hardest of hearts. And although she looks more like Dad – “she has Christian’s eye colour and his hair” – it’s obvious Milla has inherited her mum’s infectious warmth.
Having this time to spend with Milla in Melbourne has been priceless for the couple – and Shelley’s role on The Block couldn’t have worked out better for the family. “Initially Christian was coming to film and Milla and I were coming for a holiday,” says Shelley. “Then I found out I’d be working on The Block too. It was perfect because we were already here.”
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