Home and Away’s Sharni Vinson spills on her return to TV in Dance Boss

‘It’s so special!’

The opportunity to come home from Los Angeles to work as a judge on new show Dance Boss was too tempting for former Home And Away actress – and trained dancer – Sharni Vinson.
"Anything dance greatly appeals to me," the 35-year-old tells TV WEEK. "That I got to come back to Australia – and work with Dannii Minogue [the show's host] – was a triple whammy."
Sharni has been living in LA for 10 years. While there, she's been busy acting in films including Step Up 3D and Blue Crush 2.
But now she's home, Sharni hasn't ruled out a return to Home And Away. She played Cassie Turner for three years.
"I'll definitely visit Summer Bay," she says. "Whether Cassie will, I don't know. I don't know where she is or what she's up to at the moment!"
Sharni has returned to Australian TV for Dance Boss.
In the meantime, Sharni's loving her role on Dance Boss.
"It's so special to be part of making someone's dreams come true," she says. "It's also crazy for me, as I grew up listening to Dannii's music.
"And I saw [fellow judge] Adam Garcia in Tap Dogs and then here I am sitting next to them – it's bizarre."
Being able to show who she is as a person on Dance Boss, as well as what she can do physically in upcoming superhero series God And Secret – is a chance for Sharni to shut down any criticism too.
Over the years, she's been subject to unkind comments about her weight on social media.
"I have no interest in that kind of negativity," Sharni says. "That's somebody else's issue, not mine.
"I'm a really positive person – and I prefer to focus on all the good stuff."
Dance Boss premieres Monday and Tuesday, 7:30pm on Channel Seven.
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