Seven Year Switch recap: The couples exchange gifts!

Johnny goes classic and gets a perfume plus a scratchie, which is his way of saying, 'I hope we get lucky and also you smell.'

By Thomas Mitchell
Hey TV family,
Welcome back to another episode of “Can I Love A Stranger More Than My Partner.”
Last time we e̶n̶d̶u̶r̶e̶d̶, enjoyed getting to watch the couples plan the perfect first date but then things ended on a cliffhanger when Sarge decided to meet up with his ex-girlfriend for a cathartic catch up.
That’s where we pick things up tonight, with Tracey driving Sarge to see “Annie,” his ex. The three of the them sit and chat and it’s definitely not awkward.
“So this is my fake wife, Trace.”
Annie basically roasts Sarge about his controlling behaviour, he allegedly has an epiphany.
Speaking of epiphanies, this week the psychologists have thought of a whole new way for the couples to test each other's limits.
They’ve been given $100 each to buy gifts for their real partners to show how much they care about them. Because nothing says “I love you” like a $100 gift.
Sarge’s first suggestion is that he should buy Stacey Louise a defensive driving course, which is both insulting and irritating - what a combo! I will pay someone $100 to make him stop.
He’s really freaking out about buying the wrong present, but surely the only way is up from the ‘defensive driving course’ so I don’t know why he’s so stressed.
Oh, looks I spoke too soon, Sarge decides to get Stacey Louise some dog tags for her to wear. Because, you know, of the military. How charming.
Wear this around your neck like a dead weight.
Meanwhile, Johnny and Stacey Louise hit the shops. Johnny goes classic and gets a perfume plus a scratchie, which is his way of saying, “I hope we get lucky and also you smell.”
Stacey Louise goes for something more risque and opts for lingerie. The $100 budget is pretty limiting though so she can only afford the bottom half of the outfit. I think Sarge will be cool with it.
Up next, Kaitlyn and Michael are getting into the gift giving spirit. Kaitlyn is excited to buy Mark a p̶e̶r̶s̶o̶n̶a̶l̶i̶t̶y̶, present. Michael is on the hunt for a crystal for Felicity and I get the feeling he’s been spending too much time with Kaitlyn, this idea stinks of her.
Eventually Kaitlyn settles on a deep frier because Mark loves fried chicken. This claim is backed up by some pretty damning photographic evidence .
See, I do love it.
Last but never, ever, least, Mark and Felicity. Felicity takes about thirty five seconds to pick a necklace and I suspect she’s over this whole thing.
Also it looks pretty cheap so I reckon she’s pocketed at least half her present money. Mark’s turn now and he decides to get Kaitlyn a bracelet, he’s really happy about it and decides to celebrate by giving Felicity an awkward hug.
Love you, miss you.
Time for the gift swapping to commence!
Stacey Louise is first and she actually loves the dogtags. You win this round, Sarge. Johnny scored a FitBit…
Up next, Sarge and Trace. She isn’t stoked on the perfume, Johnny played it too safe. Hopefully she wins a couple of grand on the scratchie.
But the real drama comes from Sarge. He is devastated about the lingerie, because he wanted a present for himself! Sarge you really are the gift that keeps on giving.
What about me, it isn’t fair.
Kaitlyn is presuming she’s getting a promise ring, but it’s actually a bracelet and she is devastated. In other news, Mark has handwriting like a 7 year old girl.
Me + U = 4 EVAH.
Michael opens his gift and it’s pretty much exactly the same necklace he bought Felicity, which is kinda cute.
Over at Mark and Felicity’s, they finally get their presents. Mark is confused by the deep fryer.
Here come the tears #DeepCrier.
At least Felicity is stoked with her matching gift and they both have renewed hope for their relationship.
I don’t have renewed hope for this show but hey, we can’t all be winners.

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