Sean and Ella from House Rules have become Tassie’s most famous Ambos

“Forget my heart attack… you’re from House Rules!”

By Helen Vnuk
Now that filming on House Rules has finished, most of the contestants have returned to their day jobs. In Tasmania, that’s created quite a bit of excitement.
Engaged couple Sean and Ella are paramedics, which means that people are calling an ambulance and then having a reality star turn up to their door.
“We’ve just started going back to work, and being in Tasmania, everyone knows everyone,” Ella explains. “Yes, we do sometimes have to remind patients that we’re here to talk about them and we’re worried about them and not our reality TV stint!”
She says it tends to be older women who are most excited to see them.
“It’s generally the nannas. They love the show. If they’ve got chest pain or shortness of breath, they want to talk about the show instead of telling me what’s wrong with them.
“Sean’s definitely had the same thing. Lots of photos! We try to keep it professional, of course.”
If Ella and Sean won House Rules, they would become the first Tasmanian couple to take out the show.
They know they have the whole state behind them.
“We’ve got massive support down here, which is awesome.”

The couple are currently planning their nuptials. When asked if any of their fellow House Rules buddies would get an invite, Ella said that unfortunately it was a no for Bec and Troy.
However, Fiona and Nicole from Victoria might make the invitation list.
“Sean and I get along with the girls quite well, so we’ll see,” she explains. “But the other teams are our main priority. They’re our good friends and we would love to have them there.”

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