SAS Australia’s Shannan Ponton and Firass Dirani’s on-screen feud has now escalated online in a nasty twist

''The only person taking aim is me.''

Gruelling reality TV show, SAS Australia, has completely captivated audiences with its revival this year.
While fans are enthralled by the harsh challenges and intense punishments laid on some of the country's most notable names, drama between contestants also has viewers tuning in.
Now, it seems, it's escalated from the show to real life.
House Husbands and Underbelly star Firass Dirani has caused quite the stir.
Back chat and misbehaviour from the actor have seen his co-stars punished. Something they're understandably upset over.
Firass' has his co-stars and fans up in arms over his behaviour. (Channel Seven)
"His smart mouth and back-chat sent the entire unit into a freezing creek, at dusk, while he stood dry and smug alongside the DS [directing staff]. In my eyes, a lame attempt at juvenile humour had ruined the first day," co-star Shannan Ponton told TV WEEK.
Fans have also commented on his bad behaviour, one taking to Twitter to say: "Is it just me or is Firass getting some sort of sick pleasure out of this?"
While another joked: "Waiting for the contestants to kill and eat Firass for their next dinner."

The 36-year-old, however, isn't making any apologies.
Taking to Instagram, Firass hit back at complaints, writing: "I am here to test myself. Not to comply & hide. #Sheeple."
In a second Instagram story he shared a clip from a recent war film he starred in, captioning: "The only person taking aim is me. For all those couch lizards. You're sidelined for a reason."
A subtle dig? (Instagram)
Firass shows us how it's done. (Instagram)
He then shared a second clip of the SAS group doing push-ups with a subtle dig: "An example of a proper push-up. Not a half-a**ed, technically inept attempt at whatever some people were doing."
But, the drama doesn't end there as tensions between Firass and his co-star Shannan escalate online.
The Biggest Loser trainer recently took to Instagram to re-share an article about their on-screen argument, captioning: "Poor little fella still can't keep his mouth shut."
Shannan says Firass' behaviour "ruined" the show. (Channel Seven)
It didn't take long for Firass to clap back, commenting: "I think that hypethermia is still in full effect. Go to the doctor before I whip you in another beasting. Remember when they us up… and I whipped you in every exercise? Legacy gone! GAWN! GAWWWWWWWNN. MUHAHAHAHAHAHA." (I lost brain cells from typing that… the sh*t that I do for you guys)."
If we needed more proof the situation has escalated beyond belief, Bachelor In Paradise star Jamie Doran chimed in too.
"These two are about as irrelevant as me these days. Calm down, boys," he commented.
WILD. We'll be here as self-confessed "couch lizards" watching the chaos unfold.

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