Schapelle Corby was the unexpected star of SAS Australia’s first episode according to these surprising Twitter reactions

We did not see this coming.

Watching some of the country's most glamorous and notable celebs put through gruelling challenges that many would consider forms of torture on SAS Australia was always going to draw viewers in.
With big names like PR queen Roxy Jacenko, controversial Bachelor and Rugby star Nick 'Honey Badger' Cummins and Miss Universe Erin McNaught set to star, fans were eager to tune in.
But, it was the surprise cast announcement of Schapelle Corby, former Bali inmate, who really got viewers talking.
Schapelle is amongst some of Australia's biggest names. (Channel Seven)
Australia has been enthralled with Schapelle's story since she was convicted of smuggling drugs in a boogie board case on a trip to the Indonesian island in 2005.
Even after serving her time and returning home, the intrigue has continued.
So, when Schapelle signed up to SAS it's safe to say many were eager to see her face the intense obstacles and challenges the show puts its stars through.
Falling out of a helicopter backwards? No thanks. (Channel Seven)
Scepticism and critique of the star, however, was quashed faster than the time it took for her to fall out of the helicopter.
To many fans' surprise Schapelle has become a fast favourite on the show.
"I'm kinda Team Schapelle at the moment. That was unexpected," one Twitter use commented.
"I suspect Schapelle might go quite far in this …" another added.
"Schapelle Corby is more relatable than Roxy Jacenko. Think about that," A third commented.
"I admire you for giving this a go and not being defined by your past," a fourth posted.
Will Schapelle break under the pressure? (Channel Seven)
Only time will tell if Schapelle continues to impress audiences.
After the first gruelling episode, there's sure to be much more to come to put the celebs through the wringer.
PR queen Roxy Jacenko was the first to pull out during the show's premiere after recruits were ordered to submerge themselves in freezing water.
Facing backlash for voluntarily withdrawing, Roxy was forced to defend herself on social media explaining that she'd fractured her hip and pelvis after a horse riding injury just six weeks before the show.

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