Samuel Johnson and Molly Meldrum celebrate his Gold Logie win

Now that's what we call a wild ending to the 59th TV WEEK Logie Awards!

By Bella Brennan
Samuel Johnson is officially the 2017 Gold Logie winner.
But the actor made sure his moment in the spotlight was shared with the man he played on screen - Molly Meldrum.
Taking to the stage to accept the night's top award, Sam couldn't quite believe his name had been called out.
“For the last few weeks I’ve been insisting," he began before industry icon Molly himself cut in and told Sam not to say “umm."
“For the last few weeks, I’ve been insisting very facetiously among my family that I be called Your Royal Logieness. And now as I stand here atop Australia’s highest commercial peak, I think it’s only fair that I request that that name continue," Sam joked following Molly's interruption.
“I was a very confused kid with a colourful background and a fairly savage excess of energy. I was an outlier or sorts, just desperate to find my place in the world and I found my home here in the arts."
“A place that celebrated difference, a place that encouraged me to be truthful, to work harder, to pursue excellence. I did none of that. Which is why I’m so thankful.”
“In all seriousness, you’ve given me such wondrous shelter over the last 23 years and I feel indebted and I wanted to say thank you.”
After his short speech, Sam handed the mic over to Molly.
And with that, the star handed the mic over 74-year-old Molly.
“This young actor… I became friends with his dad,” Molly began, before recalling the first time he saw Sam on the Secret Life Of Us.
“Was that Sam in the bed with another girl on that new show Secret Life of Us? And I said, don’t be f------- ridiculous, of course it’s not.”
Although not all of Molly’s speech was easy to understand, it was punctuated with some very colourful language that had the audience in stitches.
While he's usually tight-lipped about his sexuality, Molly added: "I said you always know - Sam, what are you talking about? You want to study me, I'll teach you how to be gay. He said f--- off. He said I can be a legend."
Sam and his new mate, the Gold Logie!
Capping off his speech, the music critic mused: "I know it's very hard to play an old drama queen like myself and you do a great job. On behalf of the Drama Queen of Australia, I'd like to crown you also with the gold hat."
At times, Dave Hughes politely tried to wrap Molly up but the Countdown star was on a roll. What's an award show without a little weirdness?
Bowing his head, Sam was then adorned with a glittering gold cowboy hat - Molly's famous accessory that he's never seen without.
As the crowd erupted with cheers, the pair shared a celebratory kiss.
Earlier in the night, Sam won the Best Actor gong for his role in Molly and dedicated his award to his sister Connie, who is battling cancer.
Video content of the 2017 TV WEEK Logie Awards used with permission for Channel 9

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