EXCLUSIVE: Samuel Johnson reveals why he won’t have children of his own

The TV WEEK Gold Logie winner talks candidly about the plans his sister Connie has for him.

By Amber Giles
He has unquestionably one of the biggest hearts going around, and more love for his siblings than most. But Samuel Johnson has revealed to TV WEEK that he has no desire to start a family of his own.
The Molly star says it is his sister Connie’s children, nephews Willoughby, 10, and Hamilton, nine, that take pride and place in his heart, with Sam admitting he doesn’t have any urge to have his own children.
Sam and his sister Connie.
“I've had kids in my life my whole life,” he says. “I don't really need to squeeze my own out to have them.”
Sam admits his clock might be ticking in terms of his own children as well.
“I’m going to be 40, I’m too old,” he smiles. “I've moved out to the bush. I've retired. There's no chance of kids.”

In recent times the actor has dedicated his life to raising money for cancer research with his Love Your Sister charity while his sister Connie battles the disease. It’s one she has been fighting since age 11.
Sam has a very close relationship with Connie’s children and starts smiling when he reveals the name his nephews have given him.
“My name is Uncle Puddles,” he smiles. “I fell into a puddle twice in one day in front of them and it has stuck!”

Sam admits that he and Connie have had very tough conversations about the role he will play in their lives when she has passed.
“Connie’s got some pretty important jobs for me when it comes to her kids once she’s gone,” he says. “I’ve got to make sure I get everything right.”
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