Home & Away's Sam Frost is all giggles with her summer babe Jake Ryan

It looks like their on-screen romance is jumping straight into their lives!

Just weeks after Woman’s Day revealed Home And Away newbie Sam Frost and her co-star Jake Ryan have struck up 
a close bond, the pair have been spotted on a fun weekend away.
Jetting to Perth for the Seven telethon, Sam, who is dating Dave Bashford, and Jake looked to be flying separately from their fellow stars, shared a giggle at the airport.
The 28-year-old Bachelorette beauty couldn't contain her smile.

Sam Frost has a type!

Fans have already compared Jake to Sam's ex Sasha Mielczarek... And we have to say the resemblance is uncanny!
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Home And Away insiders tell us that Jake, 34, has been pursuing 28-year-old Sam from the minute she arrived in Summer Bay.
Apparently, he’s desperate to spend as much time as possible with the former Bachelorette star.
"Jake is completely besotted with Sam and has been doing everything he can to win her over," our on-set source shared.
"He thinks she’s beautiful and funny and uses any opportunity he can to spend time with her."
Another pal told NW, "He was explaining that they have such great chemistry and saying how much he adores her."
Adding, "Jake has a reputation for falling for his leading ladies."
Will life imitate art? You be the judge - scroll through and see Sam and Jake flirt up a storm at the airport.

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