Sam Armytage fights back against her traitors

Samantha Armytage smiled and put on a brave face amid network leaks of nasty personal stories about her “diva” behaviour.

Samantha Armytage smiled and put on a brave face amid network leaks of nasty personal stories about her “diva” behaviour.
Sunrise host Sam, 37, couldn’t have looked more relaxed or happier as she flashed a huge smile after taking time out to get a discount manicure and pedicure in Sydney last week.
It appeared Sam was putting on a very brave face in light of a continued assault from her own workmates. Just the night before, Sam had been targeted on an episode of A Current Affair that screened on rival network, Nine, about her own colleagues, suspected of leaking nasty personal stories about her over the past two years.
But Sam is fighting back and has two Seven personalities in her sights as the cause of the leaks.
Sam won’t name them but Woman’s Day can reveal she knows exactly who the traitors are and won’t stop until an internal investigation proves it.
“Sam knows the source of the leaks, but what can she do when they are equally protected network personalities?” says an insider.
Sam looked relaxed and happy as she went for a manicure in Sydney last week.
The cattiness began after she took over the breakfast host gig from Mel Doyle, 45, in August 2013, and we understand a tight circle of Mel’s supporters is behind the bitchiness.
The two camps – Team Mel and Team Sam – have divided the network and left management scratching their heads as to how to reprimand their personalities.
“Of course it gets Sam down. It’s one thing to cop criticism, but when it’s coming from your own camp time after time, it’s demoralising,” a network source says. “But Sam’s tough and she really is the biggest star at the network now. Jealousy’s a curse!”
Sam’s fans have flooded Seven with emails and tweets of support following the latest leak, this time about an alleged dispute with a hair and makeup artist.
The vicious report claimed Sam banned Eliza Campagna, who is also a former professional on Dancing With The Stars, from the Sunrise set after a physical altercation, which was reported to HR.
“This is total rubbish,” Sam later confirmed.
Morning Show host Larry Emdur spoke out last week in support of Sam, saying .
“I’ve been in this business for 30 years now and I can say, hand on heart, Sam’s one of the good ones,” Larry said. “I don’t know where this stuff is coming from. I’ve spent a lot of time with Sam socially and professionally – she’s a great girl.”
Read all about the behind-the-scenes feud at Network Seven only in Woman’s Day on sale 9th March.

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