EXCLUSIVE: "I'm not going to be involved": Packed To The Rafters' Ryan Corr reveals why he won't appear in the reboot

He does, however, have an exciting new gig.

By Maddison Hockey
If it seems as though talented Australian actor, Ryan Corr is all over our screens right now – it's because he is.
From Stan originals The Commons and Bloom to Hungry Ghosts on SBS, the 31-year-old has appeared in some of TV's biggest shows, most notably Packed To The Rafters.
The beloved show was home for Ryan for almost seven years and is set to return in a revival series on Amazon.
Ryan, however, was missing from the original cast announcement, along with Home And Away's James Stewart, leaving fans a little disappointed and curious.
"Everyone in the Rafters' cast are still dear friends of mine," Ryan tells Now To Love.
"I think we're focusing a little more on the nuclear family that started off the series. So I've been in contact, but I'm not going to be involved with it."
Ryan played Coby in the hit show. Image: Channel Seven
Don't fear, Ryan will be appearing in plenty of shows, which we should accustomed to by now having starred on our screens since he was 12-years-old, in series such as The Sleepover Club, Silversun and Blue Water High.
"I decided pretty early this is what I want to do," Ryan tells.
"I think a couple of teachers thought I was acting out [at school] so when I did my first play, that was like, well, you're good at that, put your energies into that."
Becoming a childhood TV character crush for many young viewers, Ryan grew up before our eyes as he continued to appear high-profile local productions such as Love Child, Underbelly and Packed To The Rafters, but the heartthrob status remained.
Although, he isn't quite sure.
"I think they [fans] have got to have a good hard look at themselves if they thought I was a heartthrob," he says with a laugh.
Ryan and Dan Wyllie on the TV WEEK Logie Awards red carpet in 2019. Image: Instagram
The label isn't all that's stuck with Ryan. The questionable fashion choices and hairstyles are haunting him to this day.
"I think because we're all in isolation and different shows are coming back on the tele, I'm getting a lot of, uh, stick from my friends and family and there's a couple of articles popping up with some hairdos that are highly questionable," he jokes.
We may be partly responsible for that one, with one said article found here.
The star admits its "part and parcel" of the job, he just hopes it's a good way to document his progress through the years.
The cast of 10's new drama, The Secrets She Keeps. Image: Instagram
Since playing Matthew McDougal in The Sleepover Club, things have come full circle for Ryan, with the director of the kids' show now working on his latest project, Network 10's juicy new drama, The Secrets She Keeps.
The psychological thriller about two pregnant women from different worlds - both of whom are hiding deadly secrets - promises to be your next binge watch.
"It's a complete page turner, each time I finished an episode I wanted to continue on the next one," Ryan says.
"And of course it wasn't long before I was reading the book."
Ryan plays Simon, godfather to the children of Meghan (played by Jessica De Gouw) and her husband's best friend.
"There's a lot of history we find out about, as it is unfolds as to where these characters come from and how they know each other, how they're intertwined," Ryan explains.
With intertwined history, we can only guess, come long-kept secrets. Consider us intrigued!
The Secrets She Keeps begins Wednesday on 10 at 8.45pm.