Is House Husbands returning for a sixth season?

Rhys Muldoon doesn’t think so.

By TV Week team
House Husbands star Rhys Muldoon has squashed rumours that the Channel 9 series will come back for a sixth season.
Channel 9 have yet to announce whether or not the series has been cancelled, but the actor isn’t holding out hope.
“They are [Channel 9] doing that thing where they go we are not saying yes but we are not saying no; that means no,” he told Confidential.
“We’ve done five seasons. We’re not coming back; let’s just say it.”
Whilst we are extremely sad that the family drama won’t be returning to our screens, we will soon be seeing Rhys in the new SBS series Dead Lucky.
Basically ALL of your favourite Aussie actors are starring in this new crime thriller series, which began filming across Sydney last week.
The series follows the story of two feuding detectives as they hunt down a killer who is leaving a trail of broken lives across Sydney.
Hugh Sheridan, Firass Dirani, Rhys and Gary Sweet in season five of House Husbands.
Rhys is excited to appear in the show, in a part that was written for him by Ellie Beaumont, the creator of Dead Lucky.
“I still had to audition for it to show SBS I could do it, but basically [Ellie Beaumont] told me ages ago ‘I’m doing this thing and I’ve got a part for you’.”
The series will also feature the familiar faces of Rachel Griffiths (Brothers & Sisters, House Husbands), Ian Meadows (The Wrong Girl, The Moodys), Annie Maynard (Upper Middle Bogan, Paper Giants), Brooke Satchwell (Jack Irish, Wonderland), Matt Nable (Jasper Jones, Barracuda) and Justine Clarke (Hoges, Red Dog: True Blue) - just to name a few!
“I am thrilled to be starting Dead Lucky with world-class storytellers Ellie Beaumont and Drew Proffitt,” Rachel said.
“To be able to work with our incredible crews and make content here in Sydney that can meet an international market is a dream and privilege. I am just glad I don’t have to be dead to be so lucky!”

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