Real Housewives Of Sydney star Krissy Marsh fights back

Tensions are at an all-time high between Krissy and Lisa.

For those of you that have been tuning in to Arena’s Real Housewives of Sydney, you would know it's impossible to name one source of controversy with all of these outspoken ladies proving to be quite a handful.
However, if you're still trying to get over the incident that occurred on Sunday between Krissy Marsh and self-proclaimed fan favourite Lisa Oldfield, hang in there cause it ain't over yet folks!
Real estate guru Krissy Marsh appeared this morning on KIIS FM's Kyle And Jackie O Show and had a few words to say about Oldfield, even referring to her has a "keyboard warrior".
"Anything that comes out of that woman's mouth is lies," said Krissy.
The reality star sought support from the shock jocks by asking Kyle about his girlfriend Imogen Anthony.
“What would you do if someone said that about Imogen?” She probed.
All of this seems to be in response to Lisa’s comments about Marsh's promiscuous behaviour and vaginal odour.
The former politician's wife followed up her claims with an explosive rant to the camera.
Lisa Oldfield and Krissy do not see eye-to-eye.
Lisa, who has seemingly created an alliance with the controversial Athena X, has also had friction with Victoria Rees - Krissy's on screen friend.
This week, Lisa slammed her co-star in an attempt to defend her fans after Rees had referred to Oldfield's Instagram followers as “bogans from the Western Suburbs."
“She’s a lonely old bag and she deserves to be because she's a horrible person. She should be pitching frozen meals for one and incontinence pads,” Oldfield told Confidential.
Despite no reports of whether or not there will be a season two of the scandalous show surrounding the Sydney socialites, Lisa is more than keen to return as she is sure that Marsh won't sign up for another season.
With tensions rising both on and off screen, we can't wait for the 19-hour drama fest that is The Real Housewives of Sydney reunion episode.
The marathon special will be hosted by Alex Perry.

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