EXCLUSIVE: The Real Housewives of Melbourne promise babies, bullies and bust-ups

Get set for some major drama on the RHOM, as the ladies return for a fourth season with several new cast-members and a whole lot more tension.

By OK! team
While Pettifleur Berenger, Chyka Keebaugh, and Susie McLean are no longer on board, Sally Bloomfield and Venus Behbahani-Clark join familiar faces, including Gina Liano, Jackie Gillies, Janet Roach, Gamble Breaux and Lydia Schiavello in what’s promised to be the most scandalous RHOM season yet.
“You walk in and it’s just a pretty explosive situation [that you’re walking into],” explains 52-year-old Sally.
“I literally saw some really, really disturbing behaviour,” the newbie adds.
And while she won’t name names, Janet admits one of the ladies has lost the plot completely.
“She’s gone completely troppo and wages all these wars... and I was really disappointed that she would do that to us,” Janet, 58, reveals.
Here, each of the housewives tell-all on their tumultuous season… get ready for it!

VENUS BEHBAHANI-CLARK: “I wanted to walk.”

Lawyer Venus, 36, calls her long-time friend Gina a ‘big sister’, but not even their bond could stop the new housewife from contemplating an early exit from the feisty franchise. “I wanted to pull out of the show, but my husband [James] told me to continue,” she admits.
The mother-of-two reveals that the she found filming ‘difficult’, especially when her husband’s title – he’s a Lord – stirred up some drama.
“A lot of shit [went] down… it’s been very difficult, but it has brought James and I closer together,” Venus explains.

LYDIA SCHIAVELLO: “I’m a domestic goddess.”

Putting marriage drama rumours behind her, including that ‘not true’ affair with Shane Warne, 48-year-old Lydia has transformed into a domestic goddess. 

“I love that I’ve been able to express myself with my food and cooking this season,” she shares. Adding, “It’s given me more confidence and belief in who I am.”
As for the lowlight of this season for the mother-of-three? She says there weren’t any!
“I really enjoyed season four. I think that we three [Gina, Venus and herself] are the three angels and the others, well… let’s just say that we had a lot of fun.”
Gina Liano opens up about her "worst year yet."

GINA LIANO: “My worst year yet.”

This season, viewers should expect to see a less dazzling side of fan fave Gina’s life.
“It’s been a really full-on year. I’m probably the most exhausted I’ve ever been,’ explains the mum-of-two, whose family was rocked by several tragedies just days out from when the cameras started to roll.
“Filming started the week my father died [and] my sister was diagnosed with cancer two weeks before that, so it was all very raw,” she shares.
Gina’s father, Nick Liano, passed away after a long battle with dementia.
“There was a lot of feeling there at the time. It was awful and it was really scary. I was his medical guardian and I had to make all of the decisions about how he would pass. He was dying, and I was like, ‘What do I do?’ I had a big responsibility. I had no idea. It was very hard to come back,” she tells.
Dying to know more about Janet's new love interest in Season 4!

JANET ROACH: “I’m in love!”

“We are mad, crazy in love,” says Janet of her new romance with CEO Sam Gance.
How sweet!
And OK! can exclusively confirm that a wedding is definitely being discussed… at least between Janet and her bestie Jackie.
“I’m going to be the bridesmaid in pumpkin taffeta,” chuckles Jackie.
However, fans hoping to witness the taffeta affair roll out on the show, better think again – Janet has confirmed this season will be her last.
Is the black eye she’s sporting in the intense preview clip behind her exit, you ask?
The original cast-member is keeping mum on exactly what went down, although it’s confirmed she ‘fell’ in quite a serious way.
“It needed 10 stitches,” she explains.
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