Rebecca Gibney’s show Wanted is heading to the Emmys

The actress shared her journey of the show's success.

By Jacqui King
Legendary Australian actress Rebecca Gibney is proof that when you wish for something hard enough (and also work your butt off to produce something incredible), it can come true.
The long-time actress plays the role of Lola in the Aussie crime drama, Wanted. The show follows Lola and Geraldine Hakewill’s character Chelsea, both prime suspects for murder, as they try to outrun the police. Rebecca worked alongside Home And Away’s Stephen Peacocke for the show’s two seasons.
The gritty series has been a huge success and has even been nominated for Best Drama in the upcoming International Emmy Awards!
The 52-year-old, who also broke her foot while walking her dog last week, took to Instagram to share Wanted’s journey to success.

She wrote: “Three years ago, after a conversation with my friend Julie McGauran, I had an idea for a new show. It was about 2 women, Lola, a middle-aged checkout chick and Chelsea, a much younger uptight accountant, who get caught up in a deadly crime and end up on the run across Australia.
“My husband and I worked on the treatment for a while and called the show ‘Chelsea and Lola’. We then took that idea to two amazing men - Tim Hobart, our wonderful head writer, and @tonyayres, one of the genius founders of @matchbox_pictures. Within minutes we had formed a partnership that would go on to produce two series within two years.
“During development I wrote in a book every day ‘International Emmy’ over and over again. I even cut out pictures and added them because right from the start I believed that if we worked hard and focused on our goals we could achieve anything.
“Well, in a few weeks we are off to the Emmys in New York. (Ok I may be in a moon boot but so what!) Not only that but Wanted will launch worldwide on Netflix tomorrow. My point is - You can make things happen, you just have to believe in yourself and those around you. Thank you to everyone who helped make our little idea a reality. We are truly blessed and forever grateful.”
Rebecca as Lola Buckley.
Stephen plays Detective Josh Levine.
Wanted is up against TV shows from Brazil, Norway and Japan in the Best Drama category. The awards ceremony will take place in New York on November 20 and we cannot wait to see the cast standing on stage with their award!

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