Inside the Real Housewives of Melbourne’s most explosive overseas trip yet

What happens in Mexico doesn't stay in Mexico! And wherever the Real Housewives of Melbourne go, trouble seems to follow.

By OK! team
Ay-ay-ay, the Real Housewives of Melbourne sure know how to turn a vacay in Mexico into one unforgettable trip!
Think bust-ups, a black eye, and a battle for the queen bee title that won't soon be forgotten as Jackie Gillies, 36, Janet Roach, 58, Lydia Schiavello, 49, Gamble Breaux, 46, Venus Behbahani-Clark, 36, Sally Bloomfield, 52, and Gina Liano, 51, hit up the town of tacos and tequila for 10 days of non-stop drama.
Put it this way, aside from the $30 million chef-and-butler-inclusive villa where the gang stayed, there was little that was luxurious about the trip, as OK! discovered.


Janet's black eye has been the subject of much discussion, and now the Housewife tells OK! she didn't even feel the injury, which required a trip to a Mexican hospital and 10 stitches.
"I woke up with blood all around me and I didn't know who had been hurt," she explains.
She says the painful-looking shiner was the result of "lots of tequila and lots of emotion.' Ouch!


It's clear that RHOM queen Gina and newcomer Sally are never going to be friends after this journey!
Sally, the former Melbourne editor of Harper's Bazaar, says the feud started small and escalated to a point where it got way out of hand.
"I literally said one thing to Gina in Mexico and it started this whole campaign against me," she explains.
"It's not on camera, but on the plane on the way home Gina attacked me. She came up to me and was pointing her finger and yelling… she waged war!"


The tension has been mounting between BFFs Jackie and Janet, and it explodes on the OS trip. 

"It's absolute bullshit," Janet says of the tales being spread by some of her cast mates, which suggest she'd spoken poorly of Jackie.
Still, Jackie is left fuming over the whole debacle and the pair exchange tense words across a restaurant.
Janet says the confrontation was "soul-destroying."


Slamming Gamble and her hubby Rick 'Wolf Pup' Wolfe's marriage was on the menu in Mexico, and Janet says the accusations being hurled at her co-star weren't pretty. 

"Gina called Gamble a gold-digger, and then Venus started this thing about how Gamble was with one of my friends, Stephen, just before her wedding," Janet explains.
She then took it upon herself to find proof the claims were "made up," even though she feels questioning Gamble and Rick's marriage is madness.
"I mean, anyone who even spent one minute with Gamble and Rick would realise they are absolutely, madly in love," Janet exclaims.
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