Ray Meagher hints that Alf’s fate hangs in the balance on Home And Away

“It’s not looking good for him.”

By TV Week team
The shocking events leading to Alf Stewart's (Ray Meagher) perilous incident are finally revealed in Home And Away next week.
Friends become foes when Ash (George Mason) discovers Justin (James Stewart) is helping Robbo (Jake Ryan) leave Summer Bay. It culminates in a deadly car chase that has a huge effect on the seaside town.
Fans will recall Justin was hiding wanted criminal Robbo in his garage. He needed to make him disappear before Ash and the River Boys discovered his whereabouts.
This week, Ash and River Boy head honcho Dean (Patrick O'Connor) plan their next search.
"It's a dark path for Ash," George, 27, explains. "Find Robbo and finish him. He needs someone to blame."
The next day, Robbo jumps into the back of Justin's car. But on the ride out of town, Justin is shocked to find Ash on the side of the road with the police. Yep, looks like he's in trouble again!
The speeding cars are out of control when they hit roadworks
But that's the least of Justin's worries when Ash suspects Robbo is in the car and gives chase. In a dangerous high-speed pursuit, both cars hurtle towards a construction site.
Justin slams on the brakes to avoid a crash, but it's too late – Ash clips Justin's car, which slams into a gas main. Ash dashes towards the wreck as an explosion rocks the scene. Is Justin OK?
However, another life is in danger when Alf (Ray Meagher, below) unexpectedly falls victim to the crash. He happens to be walking nearby when the explosion occurs and falls into a sinkhole caused by the blast.
Alf is stuck down a sinkhole.
"He's stuck down a sinkhole with a lump of concrete on his chest and no visible help in sight," Ray, 73, explains. "It's not looking good [for him]. Alf is pretty worried."
The beloved local lapses into unconsciousness. Making matters even worse for Alf is the fact that no-one knows he's even there.
"It sure does seem like a life-and-death situation," Ray says.
While trapped, Alf starts thinking about his life.
Series producer Lucy Addario said about the huge episode: "In a Home and Away first, we rewind time and follow some Summer Bay favourites knowing that one of them will also find their life in peril by the end of the day.
"Fearing these could be his last moments alive, he shares a secret that he has kept for over 30 years; a secret that will rock the foundations of the Bay."
We can't wait to watch it!

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