Prison Break star confirms season six is happening

Santa’s arrived early.

By Maddison Hockey

It was a LONG eight years between Prison Break ending and Fox answering our prayers with a revival that aired earlier this year.

But after much anticipation and badgering by both fans, actors and producers, it seems we may get a more permanent return for the show. While Fox themselves are yet to confirm a sixth season, Dominic Purcell who plays Lincoln recently took to Instagram with what looks like an almost certain announcement.

After relieved fans learned Michael (Wentworth Miller) was alive and well (as well as a prisoner can be) in season five, they were left wanting more than the nine-episode run. Murmurs have been circling about the potential for future seasons, often teased by both producers and actors.

Wentworth told Entertainment Weekly it wasn't out of the question, "I feel like there's more story there and now we're talking about multiple generations. There are a lot of different directions that we could go."

Also taking to Instagram, Wentworth recently shared an interesting pitch for a season six story-line involving a billionare "uber fan" named Tag.

"Tag wants to watch them re-enact PB seasons 1-5 from start to finish. Just for him," Wentworth wrote. "Every juicy plot twist. Every major set piece. From the prison riot to 'Sarah's' head in a box to Michael's knife fight in a Yemen desert. Yes. Tag would like that very much indeed."

While the "powers-that-be" at Fox didn't go for Wentworth's idea, there certainly seems to be something in the works. And whatever the storyline, we'll be thanking those powers for returning Michael and Lincoln to us again.

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