Here's what’s in store for episode two of Playing For Keeps

Kath decides to run for president while Paige runs from her past

By Maddison Hockey
Pre-season is well underway at the Southern Jets. With so many changes at the club after last year's scandals, our favourite WAGs are ready to move on and move up. While Kath (Madeleine West) makes a bold bid for club president this week, Paige (Cece Peters) braves the dating scene.
Kath is in crisis mode cleaning up after Kendall (Jess Bush), who attacked her own boyfriend Liam (Ben Chapple) while high on a cocktail of drugs.
With the new star recruit due at a televised conference sporting a nasty head wound, Kath and Travis (Kevin Hofbauer) warn him about lying to the media.
But that's exactly what Liam does, blaming the injury on a training mishap. Head of the Jets' board John Minindi (Peter Feeney) is satisfied with the cover-up, which irks Kath.
Liam 'explains' himself at a press conference.
When John proposes a sponsorship deal with a liquor brand, Kath reaches her limit and, in a snap decision, decides to go up against John for the upcoming presidency.
Her friends and fellow WAGs are supportive, but they worry too.
"They feel it's a foregone conclusion she's going to fail; she's got everything going against her," Madeleine, 39, tells TV WEEK. "But what the girls don't quite understand is how well Kath reads the players and knows the club."
Could she turn the Jets around by becoming its first female president?
Kath questions Liam.
Meanwhile, Tahlia (Olympia Valance) is pushing Paige to move on from her ex Daniel (George Pullar) by sleeping with someone else.
When the girls hit the town for a night out, Paige runs into old friend Brody (Nick Russell). It could be the perfect coincidence.
"She tries to put herself out there, and on the same night that she puts herself out there, there's Brody," Cece tells TV WEEK. "It's one of those magic timing things."
Paige flirts with Brody.

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