Opinion: Why we're obsessed with Ten's new drama series Playing For Keeps

We review the first episode of the killer new show...

By Jessica Multari
If you're seeking a new TV obsession, set your sights on Playing For Keeps.
Centred on the WAGs of an AFL team, the first episode delivered all the glam and sauciness we expected from a crew of well-manicured, perfectly quaffed, sumptuously dressed women.
Madeleine West slays as Kath, the face of the WAG club – all manners and all class. Just like Mean Girls, she's flounced by a trio of women who've been playing the fame game for years.
There's prim and proper lawyer Maddy (Annie Maynard), rough-around-the-edges Jessie (Isabella Giovinazzo) and drop-dead-gorgeous influencer Tahlia (Olympia Valance) – the Regina George of the pack.
Maddy, Jessie and Tahlia are ruthless in Playing For Keeps.
But it's the newbie who we're crushing on. The complete antithesis to her counterparts, Paige (Cece Peters) won us over the minute she arrived in town, with the kind of country charm and slang that'll never fly in high-society Melbourne. But crikey, she's gonna try!
Paige's boyfriend Daniel (George Pullar), the rookie footballer who's just signed on to the Southern Jets, is equally loveable. Like two peas in a pod, they're way out of their depths in the big smoke, suddenly surrounded by the trappings of success: money, women, infidelity… you name it. We have to wonder how long it'll take before sweet, innocent country boy Daniel falls victim to it all.
As if Paige hadn't stolen our hearts – and all the scenes – already, she had us crying out "bless" when the WAGs dragged her to the fancy schmancy designer boutique.
A Kmart girl in a Dior world – what could possibly go wrong?
Paige makes a poor first impression on the WAGs, and a hilarious impression on viewers.
Like the WAGs themselves, there's more to Ten's new Aussie series than socialites swanning around in stilettos supporting their sports star husbands. Scratch the surface and you'll find secrets, betrayal, deceit and heartache. Those tragic final moments? We rest our case.
One ep down and Playing For Keeps is already kicking goals. It's a keeper.
Playing For Keeps airs Wednesday, 8:30, on Network Ten.

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