Peter FitzSimons slams the Today Show's poor ratings

The journalist is married to Lisa Wilkinson, who quit the show in 2017.

By Alex Lilly
Following the news that The Today Show suffered its worst ratings in four years and breakfast show rival Sunrise is number one, there's one person who was keen to make his point heard.
Journalist and husband of former Today host Lisa Wilkinson, Peter FitzSimons took to Twitter to comment on the ratings, though his tweet has since been deleted.
Following Lisa's departure from the show in October 2017, Georgie Gardner stepped in.
"Something will have to break. It cannot go on in the current form past Chrissie (sic), surely," he penned.
"I have followed the numbers closely. Today would not have been this low for at least ten years."
Today has seen a lot of drama over the past few months. Not only did Lisa Wilkinson announce her departure in October 2017 due to a reported dispute over equal pay, but the show was rocked by 'Ubergate', when a recording of a phone conversation between Peter and Karl Stefanovic about their Channel Nine colleagues was leaked. So there's bound to be a bit of ongoing tension around the studio.
Confidential reported that Sunrise, hosted by David 'Kochie' Koch and Samantha Armytage has sealed the top spot and won 22 of 23 weeks across the five metro city audiences.
Meanwhile, Lisa, who is now a host on The Sunday Project and Peter are soaking up the sun on their dreamy European getaway far from all the TV ratings drama.