EXCLUSIVE: Why representing Australia at Eurovision is more than a chance to perform for Paulini

The Australian Idol star is hoping her song will be the country's top pick.

By TV Week team
There's nothing like the glitz, glamour and camp of Eurovision. And since Australia was invited to participate at the global performance competition in 2015, we've been sending our most talented acts to show the world what we've got.
But to reach the official Eurovision competition in Italy, the performers have to go up against their peers in Eurovision – Australia Decides first, with the top-voted contender taking out the honour.
This year, Australian Idol star Paulini is hoping her song, "We Are One", will be the country's top pick.
"It would be such an honour to represent Australia on a global stage." (Image: Supplied)
"It would be such an honour to represent Australia on a global stage," Paulini, 39, tells TV WEEK.
"Eurovision is something I never thought I would be asked to do. I was shocked, but now I'm so pumped for it!"
From the moment she heard the song, which carries a message of inclusion, she knew it was for her. After making a few changes to turn it into an upbeat dance track, the former I'm A Celebrity star felt confident in her choice.
"The lyrics really spoke to me – about everyone coming together, especially in this time," she says. "I am a storyteller at heart and I knew I could tell a story through this song'. I feel it has a real message."
But for Paulini, it's more than just a chance to perform – it's a chance for diversity and representation on a global level.
"I want to represent the fact that Australia is such a multicultural country," she explains. "A lot of people from the outside don't think that.
"When I was growing up, I didn't see myself represented on TV. I'd love for little girls who look like me to think, 'I could do this too', and give them the vision and encouragement to do what they love to do."
Joel Creasey and Myf Warhurst are back to host Eurovision – Australia Decides. (Image: SBS)

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