Orange is the New Black: From Jailbirds to Glamazons

The ladies of Litchfield Penitentiary are unrecognisable once they ditch their grotty Prison Garb.

By NW team
Orange is the New Black is the show that everyone is binging right now and we can't get enough of the Litchfield ladies.
In case you missed it, season four left us wanting more and season five delivered!
But, could you spot your favourite inmate in real life?
These Litchfield ladies are unrecognisable as they ditch the slammer for glamour.

Inmate: Helen

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Francesa Curran
To get in character as neo-Nazi skinhead Helen, Fran, 24, has to bleach her brows, have fake tattoos applied and shave her head daily, but it turns out she'd all about getting glam IRL!
"I'm so feminine," she insits. "I'm so girly. I love my makeup, I love my jewellery and all that." All we can say is... wow!

Inmate: Maureen

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Emily Althaus
Who could forget Maureen's mangled, swollen face in Season Five following her epic first fight with on-off girlfriend Crazy Eyes (Uzo Aduba)? Well, day-to-day, there are no black eyes in sight for Emily - unless you count flawless eyeliner!

Inmate: Flores

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Laura Gomez
Flores may have never been introduced to a pair of tweezers before beauty gurus Maritza and Flaca got to her, but it's good to know life doesn't imitate art for Laura, 37. She only rocks the monobrow when she's being paid to and has clearly managed to get her hands on some anti-frizz product to tame that wild mane of hers! #gorgeous

Inmate: Frieda

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Dale Soules
From life in the slammer to Old Hollywood glamour, Dale, 70, gave us major #lifegoals when she hit last years SAG Awards shining bright like a diamond. Work it, lady!

Inmate: Angie

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Julie Lake
While meth head Angie's rotting, stained chompers are pretty gross, her real-life counterpart Julie's all about that megawatt smile!
"I wish I could say it takes three hours to make me look hideous, but... the make-up alone is two minutes!" she says.

Inmate: Leanne

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Emma Myles
She's all greasy hair and rotting teeth on the small screen, but stunning Emma, 29, yearns for a makeover!
"One of these days, man, Leanne's going to wash her hair and not have rosacea," she says. "And maybe she'll get veneers." Or just a toothbrush?

Inmate: Piper

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Taylor Schilling
Taylor, 32, knows who to go from drab to fab by adding some much needed volume to that flat, lacklustre hair. Hot stuff.

Inmate: Alex

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Laura Prepon
Some may say her character is a plain Jane but Laura, 37, sure knows how to dazzle IRL.
This lady is pregnant with her first child to partner, Ben Foster, and does she have that glow to go with.

Inmate: Crazy Eyes

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Uzo Aduba
We love her as Suzanne – aka Crazy Eyes – and Uzo says her icon hair-do was her idea! “Her hair knots - when I auditioned for that part, I had it in my mind.”
She also says getting in character takes a lot of effort than you might think…
“My first day of work… our makeup artist [said]'Make skin look worse… They take black eye shadow and put it around my eyes and fill in my eyebrows to make them bigger and closer together and they blotch up my skin a lot. And no foundation.”

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