Offspring’s Nina and Harry are expecting

Some happy news at last!

By Elisa Parry
Offspring has always been adept at pulling the heartstrings and last night’s episode was no exception.
Recently on the show, Nina (Asher Keddie) has been reeling after she missed out on a promotion at work.
There has also been tension between her and Harry (Alexander England) over co-parenting little Zoe (Isabella Monaghan).
“Harry disciplines Zoe, and is very front-footed – he’s taking the initiative to parent,” Asher tells TV WEEK. “Nina is confronted by that – she feels the role of disciplinarian should be hers.”
Harry has also potentially been offered a job overseas – and of course all this is happening on top of all the usual drama that comes with being part of the Proudman family.
Yet, despite all the chaos, Billie’s (Kat Stewart) intuition went into overdrive last night when she noticed Nina acting strangely.
As soon as Billie noticed Nina’s heightened sense of smell she knew something was up.
“You, me, chemist, now,” she said and the two ran off to get a pregnancy test.
Later, Nina shared the happy news with Harry.
“Think you can read my mind right now?” She asked him before showing him a positive pregnancy test.
Needless to say Harry’s reaction was perfect, because he is the perfect man!
Cue all the happy tears.
With Billie and Mick (Eddie Perfect) breaking up and Jimmy (Richard Davies) and Zara (Jane Harber) having their fair share of relationship dramas, we’re thrilled to finally hear good news!

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